Make Your Door Prizes Work For You


Chances are, if you take part in your local Chamber of Commerce, there are door prizes given away at some of their hosted events. These door prizes are donations by Chamber members and in turn, their company gets recognition. Typically there is a minimum value set for most door prizes such as $25 or even $40 or $50.

Perfect Imprints is active within the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce and door prizes are a big part of many events such as the monthly First Friday Coffee. Often, there are as many as 30-40 door prizes given away. Most of the giveaways are great gifts. Some are gift cards to restaurants or local stores and others are gift baskets. Over the last few years, I have given out quite a few door prizes; however, I always made sure I got a little extra recognition for my prizes. After all, giving away door prizes is a form of marketing and it should be an investment.

Custom BBQ Set

Custom BBQ Set

Now, you can give away prizes that are simply purchased from other businesses such as gift cards, gift baskets, and various gifts and those are great prizes for the winners. However, once the announcement is made at the event mentioning the door prize is from your event, your marketing exposure is over. Besides, in doing that, you are actually marketing that business you purchased the item from more than your own. But what if you could offer premium products that are printed with your custom logo? Then for years to come, at least that recipient will be consistently reminded of your company. For example, last year, every month, I attended a Chamber sponsored event and I gave away a really nice BBQ set (which was custom printed with my business name on it). Every one knew I would be giving that away creating some excitement and all of the winners now have a nice BBQ set with my logo on it.

Now there are tons of options that you can do. You could do leather portfolios or journals, wine glass and opener sets, mp3 players, charcoal BBQ grills, wireless mouse sets, leather wine bottle totes, computer bags, blankets, premium thermos sets, duffel bags, and many other options. Now, I know most of you might only need just a few personalized items to be used as gifts and that’s okay. We can do it. That’s right! If you only need 2, we can do it. We have many options which have no minimums.

By personalizing your door prize giveaways with your company logo, you are spending the same amount of money (or often times less due to bulk discounts) and you are increasing your marketing time for this endeavor. Now the time is extended from a 30 second mention of your company, to years of exposure from your logo proudly standing out on the product. The more useful the item, the longer it will hang around and market for your company. It’s really a no-brainer decision. Spend the same amount of money; get more exposure. Period. Contact Perfect Imprints for your order of custom printed door prizes and start getting more value for your marketing dollars.

BBQ Grill Cooler  Leather Portfolio  Leather Wine Bottle Tote







Start a Revolution!

Custom Christmas OrnamentsEvery year churches, schools, teams and businesses do fundraisers to try and make it through another year of activities. I personally have more fundraiser wrapping paper and cookie dough than I can possibly use in a year. And don’t get me started on those chocolate bars that I buy that are $2 but add 10 lbs. to my hips with every bite. I’m thinking it’s time for a Christmas revolution! Why not sell something easy to get and personalized for your church, business, or school? Personalized Christmas ornaments come in so many different varieties it gets you in the holiday spirit just looking at them. People can always use ornaments but we do not need any more cookie dough or wrapping paper!
Custom Christmas ornaments can also be great corporate gifts. This is a great way to thank your employees for their service during the year without breaking the bank. Giving a personalized Christmas ornament would also be a great gift with purchase that would keep your business’ name on the top of consumer’s Christmas shopping list. Everybody loves a freebie. Please help end the wrapping paper, chocolate bar, cookie dough insanity….start a revolution!

5 Reasons You Should Buy Holiday Employee Gifts


The heart of any business is made up of the employees. A business can succeed or fail based upon on the behaviors and work ethic of the employees. The end of the year during the Christmas holidays is a great time to show your appreciation for the hard work of your employees.  Here are 5 great reasons you should buy holiday employee gifts that are personalized with your company logo.

  1. To simply say, “Thank you for your hard work this year.” It is proven that salary is not the number 1 factor in job satisfaction, but happiness with the work environment. Show your employees that you appreciate them and their hard work and they will continue to work hard for you.
  2. Employee motivation – You don’t have to and you shouldn’t only give gifts at the end of year, but reward your employees throughout the year for meeting sales quotas, wrapping up a big new deal, using no sick time, etc. There are many things that your employees do regularly that make your company money, so reward them for that to help keep them motivated.
  3. Corporate gifts promote good will and build team spirit toward your company for your employees. Give them something of value and something useful and it helps them to bond more with the business. The more they feel like a valuable piece of the company, the more they will promote it when dealing with clients.
  4. Marketing – the more your employees use promotional products with your company logo printed on them, the more advertising your company receives. It’s great for clients to see employees supporting the company they work for because it makes them feel more comfortable choosing your company.
  5. Generosity – Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31. It’s just the right thing to do. It’s one of the most famous quotes from the Bible and for a good reason. Treat your employees well and your company will be rewarded as a result.

When rewarding your employees, please don’t be cheap. You don’t have to buy $100 gifts, but don’t buy them a $5 gift either. You have to evaluate how much your employees are worth to you and your overall budget. Typically gifts ranging from $40-$60 are great for end of the year Christmas gifts for employees. If your company does high dollar sales and deals, you should increase the amount you gift proportionally. There are thousands of premium promotional products to choose from and I recommend you always brand the gifts with your logo when possible to reinforce the brand of your company with your employees. If you give gift certificates, they are spent and gone with no remembrance of your company. However, for example, if you gift a premium cooler with your logo that gift will be kept for years and continue to market for your company. Be smart and be generous and you find this expense is not an expense at all and is really an investment that pays off big time.

What Day Is It?

promotional-calendarsAs a busy Mom I sometimes don’t know what day it is. Now, I know this sounds odd but it happens. Is today Tuesday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd or Wednesday the 2nd? I have been known to get the day of the week correct but pair it with a completely wrong date. I have even been an entire week off on the date…I knew it was Tuesday but had Wednesday’s date with it. I have recently discovered I am not the only mom to do this. Let’s face it, you get busy and the days, weeks, months get away from you. While sitting at a ballet class a few weeks ago I was in the midst of a lively discussion about the date and all 3 mothers had 3 different answers. We all began digging through our purses but because none of us carry a check book anymore with the handy little calendar on the back, we were lost. It would have been nice to have a small calendar in a car or one of the massive purses we carry, but there just didn’t seem to be one. I for one shy away from using the calendar on my cell phone as it is too complicated to use and I lack the required PhD.
Promotional calendars are inexpensive advertising for your business that come in several different types. You can put your logo on large wall size calendars as well small stick calendars. Magnet style custom calendars are another inexpensive way to advertise your business throughout the year. The new year is not far away. It’s past time to start thinking about advertising and making 2011 the best year yet for your business.

Time is not on my side

promotional-clockIn my house there are 5 clocks in the kitchen area that I work very hard to keep at the same time, none too early, none too late. Upstairs and in virtually every other room in the house there is a disturbing lack of clocks. If I’m upstairs I never really seem to know what time it is or how long I have before school, church, work etc. I strive to be punctual but it’s very hard when you have no idea what time it is. I find myself using the kitchen as base of operations simply because I will know what time it is when I’m standing there barking orders at everyone. “It’s 7:15, and nobody has their backpacks ready.” “We only have 5 minutes before bedtime.Move it people!” I have threatened to buy 20 clocks and put a few in every room so no one can ever again say they didn’t do something because they lost track of time. Maybe you are one of these people. Maybe you have employees like this. Maybe you can’t get the time off your cell phone because you dropped it in the toilet accidentally….don’t laugh, it happens.
Solve your time problem as well as advertising your business with promotional clocks or promotional watches. Promotional clocks come with everything from laser engraving to clocks that tell you the weather plus a variety of sizes. Rest assured your employees will be on time when you give the gift of a promotional watch. You have plenty of options and price ranges to choose from so don’t waste any more time!

Promotional Marketing Gifts


Well, we are into the 4th quarter of 2009 already and it’s time to ensure that your business has a strong finish to the year.  Promotional marketing gifts are not only great to generate new customers but also to help make lifelong customers of your current clients.  You have to make sure your customers know that you appreciate their business or their loyalty may fizzle out.  There are many different types of promotional marketing items you can giveaway to your clients.  With a virtually unlimited choice of personalized items, you can get creative and give a gift that is both useful and one that compliments your business.

Effective marketing gifts must meet the following criteria in order to be effective:
1. The items must be useful.  Ideally give something that can be used daily in order to keep the memory of your company fresh in their head.
2. The products must be of value or have a perceived high value.  You don’t have to spend a lot per gift; however, giving away a 30 cent magnet does not portray that you appreciate your clients or potential clients.
3. The item should be age appropriate to your target audience.  You don’t want to give out baby bibs if you target audience has an average age of 50.
4. The promotional marketing gifts should be personalized clearly with your corporate logo to remind the recipients of who gave the gift to them.

Make sure and make the last quarter of the year a strong one for your company.  Corporate gifts and marketing gifts if planned properly, will be an investment and not an expense.