Fortune Cookie Marketing


Fortune Cookie MarketingAll businesses should plan for success by setting goals and forming a plan of action. That's the purpose of a business plan and marketing plan. While this is a common sense approach, the truth is, a large majority of small businesses don't have a marketing plan or a business plan. They just fly by the seat of their pants from day to day and hope that today is a good day and magically hundreds of new customers will flock to their business. I call this "fortune cookie marketing" because …

10 Steps For Rebranding Your Business


Rebranding Your BusinessNow that the new year has started, many business owners and marketing directors have already updated their business and marketing plans to ensure continuing success for the new year. If you haven't yet, then it's certainly time to get it done. Has your business been stagnant for the past few years? If so, you might want to think about rebranding your business with a bolder and more professional look. Or maybe your business calls for a more fun look? Whatever the case, branding is key. The initial impression that your business makes upon potential customers is directly related to whether or not they make a purchase from you.

10 Steps For Rebranding Your Business

10 Ways to Save When Buying Promotional Marketing Items


Save Money When Buying Promotional itemsOne of the best marketing investments for your business is buying promotional items with your business logo printed on the items. Customers love to receive free gifts that are useful, with USEFUL being the keyword. These gifts help establish a pattern of loyalty between your business and your client. All business owners and marketing professionals know that marketing to established customers is much cheaper than obtaining new ones. The practice of giving useful gifts to your current and past customers is a great way to kindle and re-kindle relationships and increase your company sales. Below are several ways you can save money when buying your promotional marketing products. Then you can use that money for other forms of marketing or to buy higher quantities of marketing items.

10 Ways to Save Money When You Buy Promotional Items

New Year New Plan


Business Plan Marketing Plan for New Year2013 definitely showed some improvement with spending from businesses and 2014 shows to improve even more. It's no big secret that businesses who consistently market their business perform better than those businesses that don't; however, marketing is often one of the first budgets to be cut when the going gets tough. The key to successfully marketing your business is to make sure you are doing effective marketing. If you are paying for marketing services that aren't brining in a return, then the money used for those services should be used on other services that will bring a return. One type of marketing that is almost always effective is promoting customer loyalty by using promotional items as gifts. The biggest key factor in determining the success of this type of marketing directly relates to the usefulness of the giveaways. Obviously, the more useful the item, the more effective it is.

With the new year, all businesses should…

Spring Break Promotional Items


Spring Break Promotional ItemsAlthough Christmas is still a week away, any good business is always planning 3-6 months ahead of time and thinking about their upcoming big seasons. For many tourist based businesses in a beach town, Spring Break can be a booming time for business. However, if you don't plan ahead, it could be a huge bust. Just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself is, "How am I going to promote my business to get more customers?" and "Once I get those new customers, how am I going to retain them for repeat business?" These questions apply to many different businesses including hotels, condos, restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment venues. Below are some ideas for spring break promotional items to help you to promote your business if you are located in a beach town!

Using Holidays to Promote Your Business


Promotional Item Ideas for every holidaySmart businesses that are successful leverage the holidays to market their business. No the question for you is, "Are you smart?" If you aren't using the holidays to push specific products and changing up your advertising to go along with the holiday season, then the answer to that question for you is a big fat NO! When I mention holidays, I don't mean just Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are holidays, observances, and celebrations every month in the U.S. that you can use to help you grow your business! Check out our holiday marketing ideas and promotional giveaway ideas for each holiday below!