Personalized Beach Balls For Summer Promotions


Personalized Beach Balls

Personalized Beach BallsAs we near the end of July, and finish the first month of the 3rd quarter, it’s very important to keep sales strong. End of summer sales and promotions are popular and important to drive sales to your stores. By using various beach promos such as personalized beach balls, you can help boost your sales campaign. Give out the custom beach balls with each purchase made at your store or for each store credit card application filled out by your customers.

With personalized beach balls, there are several popular sizes to choose from. Here area  few of the most popular sizes:

  • 6″ Mini Beach Balls – About the size of a softball
  • 12″ Beach Balls – About the size of volleyball
  • 16″ Beach Balls – About the size of a basketball
  • 24″ Beach Balls – Nothing to compare to, but a good bit larger than a basketball

If you want larger, we have 36″ and 48″ balls as well a wide variety of colors, including multi-color and solid colors as well as clear. Even if you don’t live in a beach town, beach balls are great promotional giveaways. If you plan on doing a beach them sale or promo, be sure to check out our other beach promos.

Destin Restaurants


Destin Beaches - Emerald Coast of FLIf you live in the Destin, FL area or if you have ever visited the area, I don’t have to tell you about the beauty of the Emerald Coast beaches. Nor do I have to tell you about the awesome Destin restaurants.

The Emerald Coast of Florida is a hot spot for family vacations. The Destin area has world-class accommodations as well as plenty to do. Whether you visit the area with or without kids, you will be planning your next vacation back to Destin before you even leave.

While you are here in Destin, be sure to check out some of the things to do in Destin, FL. While you are visiting get your adventure on with parasailing or try paddle boarding for a different kind of experience. Also, Destin FL has the reputation for good reason of being the world’s luckiest fishing village, so go ahead and test out that claim. You’ll likely return home with enough fish for the rest of the year.

Most importantly, while you are in Destin, relax, have fun, and de-stress yourself! Enjoy your vacation and soak up some sun!

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Sun, Sand and Flip Flops


Custom Flip FlopsHere in Florida, we love our beaches. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right here on the Emerald Coast. We also love the casual attire that is accepted as the norm at not only the workplace, but also at church. In general, the people are more laid back than other populations across the United States.

As part of the regular and casual attire you will see amongst Floridians year round is flip flops. Flip flops are the footwear of choice here. We wear them in the Winter. We wear them in the Summer. We wear them to the beach. We wear them to restaurants. We even wear them to work. Flip flop sales are a pivotal piece for the clothing and shoe stores around our area. Flip flops are so popular, that you even see many people wearing t-shirts displaying sayings about their love for flip flops.

Because of their popularity, promotional flip flops are excellent give aways for business in beach towns. You can choose custom flip flops with choices of many different styles, colors, sizes, and price points. They are great items to give away as wedding gifts for attendees or for the wedding party. They are also great for companies to give away for corporate picnics or get togethers.

Other uses of personalized flip flops would be to sell them at gift shops, hotels, beach accessory stores, salons, and boutiques. They are great fundraisers for churches, school booster clubs, and non-profit organizations.

Custom flip flops can be personalized with your logo or imprint on the straps and the sole. You can also get a cut-out of your logo on the sole so it leaves behind an impression in the sand. This option is sometimes called a “talking footprint.”

Flip flops are perfect give aways for any business. You don’t have to be a beach based business to give them out. So go ahead and get your custom order of flip flops today and help support our casual Florida lifestyle!

Full Color Beach Balls Are Finally Here

Full Color Beach Balls

24" Beach Ball Printed with Full Color Logo

With all of the technology out there in printing, there are not any domestic factories that produce full color printed beach balls UNTIL NOW…. We now offer custom printed beach balls printed with your full color logo. No longer do you have to settle for a 1 color pad printed imprint. Go full color and make a statement. Here are some pictures of a full color beach ball that we just printed. Look at the great detail of the logo. Imagine the possibilities we could do for your next set of beach balls. Now, be warned that printing in full color does cost a bit more than printing 1 color promotional beach balls; however, also know that the impact they make will be much bigger. Plus the better looking a product is, the longer that product will be kept by the end user.

We have all different sizes available with a crazy number of beach ball colors and color combinations to choose from including solid colors and multi-color beach balls. Beach balls are great for hotel and condo gift shops, beach supply stores, pool stores, conferences, concerts, and giveaways for any beach or pool themed event. Below are a few other shots of these full color beach balls.

Full Color Printed Beach Balls  Beach Balls printed with full color logo  Full Color printed beach balls









Great Welcome Gifts For Beach Hotel Guests


For beach front hotels, condos, and motels, spring and summer are busy times. Many of your patrons are repeat clients since many families visit the same beach area year after year. That’s why it is important to give them a great experience during their vacation. One way to do that is to give them some useful welcome gifts when they check in. If you are giving out gifts, you might as well personalized them with your logo and contact information. Here are just a few ideas of various promotional products you could give away:


Personalized Lip Balm is a great option. Put the name of your hotel or condo on the full color printed labels. Be sure to get chapstick with SPF in it to prevent lips from being burned. The lips are one of those items that many people forget to protect with sunscreen, so this is a great giveaway.

personalized-frisbeesPersonalized frisbees are a classic beach toy that make great giveaways for hotel patrons. Anything to help occupy the kids while Mom and Dad relax on the beach is a perfect gift. Have your hotel logo printed on frisbees and brand your hotel to everyone on the beach. These toys will go home with them and they will have your hotel logo in front of them every time they use it

promotional-sunscreenPromotional sunscreen is a necessity for any beach goer. Many tourists come from states up north to the beaches in Florida or other Southern states and they don’t realize just how powerful the sun is here. That’s why when you visit any beach town, you see hundreds of sunburned tourists, some of which look very painful. You want them to have a good experience so they will want to come back, so give the sunscreen and that will hopefully prompt them to buy their own in larger quantities for their stay.


Personalized beach balls are great for not only the beach but also the pool. I see kids and adults alikeplaying with beach balls at the pool and the beach. Beach balls are great items to print your express menu from your Tiki bar to help bring in more money from your guests. Most guests don’t want to leave the beach in front of the hotel or the hotel pool to grab lunch, so encourage them to eat at your facility and boost your sales.

These are just a few of the inexpensive but useful and/or fun items that you could provide in a welcome kit for your guests. Think about other more premium promotional products such as custom beach towels or custom flip flops. These type of products can be sold in your hotel gift shop. Nearly any necessities that you sell, you can get them branded with your logo and sell them which further strengthens your brand with your guests.

Ideas for Beach Hotels to Make More Money


For all hotels and resorts, a major goal of the resort should be to keep your guests on property so they will spend more money with you. Some ways to do this include having good restaurants, a gift shop with necessities, umbrella & chair rentals, jet ski rentals, selling alcoholic beverages, and possibly even some excursions that can be booked through the resort. But here is a great idea for resorts to offer, particularly beach resorts. Get custom rolling personalized coolers with your hotel logo on them and rent those out to guests. Your guests flying in can’t bring cool

ers but they sure could use them while they are there. You could sell even more by including the option when they book their room and offer packages such as a room with rolling cooler for the beach for a package price. And don’t stop there, offer booking options with an umbrella and chair for each day, or maybe even packages with lunch included each day.

Coolers are almost a necessity on the beach. With the sun beating down, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids, many people on vacation like to toke down a few beers and just relax and enjoy the surf and sun. Buy it once and keep making money from it for years to come. Below are a few custom cooler options thatwould make great rental coolers.