Perfect Imprints Client Locations

We often mention that we have clients in all 50 states. And we LITERALLY mean it. It's not just an expression. Not only in all 50 states, but D.C., Canada, and a number of other countries.

Just for fun, we uploaded our current clients states and postal codes to a map. See the clickable map below to view the specific locations we currently serve.

Can you find your city?

Why does this matter?

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The Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products

You see promotional products everywhere. That pen you use to sign your credit card receipt. The drink coaster at your local pub. The notepad in your hotel room. The coffee mugs at your favorite diner. Those are all promotional items.

This was a $20B dollar industry last year. So who's buying them? Below you'll find the top 10 buyers. If your business falls within one of the top 10 industries below and you're NOT using promotional items to promote your business, you're likely getting out-marketed by your competitors.

You see promotional products everywhere because they are useful, effective, and essential to strengthening company brands.

Every time you use a company branded item, their logo is "branded" into your brain. That company is brought to the forefront of your brain. While you may not need the products or services of that company at that moment, when you eventually do need them, you'll most likely think of them before you think about their competitors who didn't give you a useful promotional item.

So Who's Buying Promotional items?

Top 10 Buyers of Promotional Products

It seems like everyone is buying them. The most successful businesses certainly are. Here's a breakdown of the top 10 industries who have embraced the effectiveness of promotional products.  Continue reading