Paul McCartney Demonstrates the Power of Promotional Items

Paul McCartney Tries to Catch a Promotional T-ShirtMany successful business have a firm understanding of the power of promotional products. However, there are many other businesses that don't truly grasp the real power of this advertising medium. To clearly show their full potentional, take a look at this quick 15 second video of Paul McCartney trying to catch a free custom t-shirt at an NBA game back in December. Obviously, this former Beatles member, has enough money to buy an entire screen printing t-shirt shop and shirt manufacturing facility, but he was still thoroughly disappointed about not getting this free promo!

PPAI Code of Conduct

PPAI Code of ConductPerfect Imprints has proudly adopted the PPAI Code of Conduct as of 10/10/2013. Most responsible companies either adopt a code of conduct from one of their industry associations or create their own. We realize that several questions must arise from our clients as a result of this statement. Hopefully this will answer your questions.

Fortune Cookie Marketing

Fortune Cookie MarketingAll businesses should plan for success by setting goals and forming a plan of action. That's the purpose of a business plan and marketing plan. While this is a common sense approach, the truth is, a large majority of small businesses don't have a marketing plan or a business plan. They just fly by the seat of their pants from day to day and hope that today is a good day and magically hundreds of new customers will flock to their business. I call this "fortune cookie marketing" because ...

Bagteria – 20 Percent of Women’s Purses Contain More Bacteria Than A Toilet

Promotional Purse Hook Table HoldersBagteria (bᾰg-tēr-ē-a) Noun: A recent study in the UK showed that 20% of women's handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet. The bacteria found included fecal bacteria, e. coli.


Conditions in the US and the UK are similar, so it stands to reason that purses and handbags in the US are...

Cold Weather Promo Ideas

Cold Weather Promotional Items Great for this Cold WinterWith the recent record low temperatures in the South and extreme cold all around the U.S., it makes sense to give away promotional items that are geared for the cold, winter season. When giving out promos, you should always (with a few exceptions) give out a useful product in order to get the most bang for your buck. If they use the product over and over, they will keep your company at the top of their minds each time they use the gift. Below are a few ideas for cold weather promotional items: