Fire Prevention Week Giveaways

Fire Prevention Week - Teaching Fire SafetyFire Prevention Week 2013 is October 6-12. Your local fire department and firefighters work and train hard to be available and ready when disaster strikes. Not only do fire departments respond to fires, but many also respond to EMS calls. Because they typically have multiple stations, they are positioned closer than an ambulance and can arrive sooner to deliver life-saving medical treatment until the ambulance arrives. Rarely do these hard-working firefighters get recognition, so Fire Prevention Week is a great time to honor our heroes! Below are some ideas to get started. 

Converting Text to Outlines with Adobe Illustrator – Easy How To Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial - Convert Text to OutlinesAn extremely common error when sending vector artwork and logos to Perfect Imprints for printing promotional items is sending your art files with the live text. You must convert all of the text to outlines because if we don't have the same fonts that you used in your artwork, Adobe Illustrator will substitute other fonts in their place altering your design and ultimately delaying your order. This is a very easy tutorial on how to convert your text to outlines.

A Cheap Pick for Restaurant Giveaways

Custom ToothpicksIf you own a restaurant, you already know there is no shortage of competition in your local area. Most towns have hundreds of nearby restaurants all competing for the same patrons. So how do you stay at the top of your patrons minds after they visit your restaurant? The answer is by giving them a take home item printed with your restaurant logo. Below is a cheap idea with a big impact that is great for restaurants.