How do your Promotional Giveaways Measure Up?

Custom Measuring CupsSo how do your company's promotional items measure up? Does your company give away items that you would use at your office, in your kitchen, in your car, etc? If not, you may be wasting money. When buying promotional items, it is imperative that you buy useful giveaways that the recipients will use often and for a long term. There are thousands of useful promo items you can choose from including the extremely useful...

Miley Cyrus and Foam Fingers

Foam FingersEven though Miley Cyrus used a foam finger for naughty purposes in her 2013 VMA performance, foam fingers in general shouldn't get a bad rap. If you haven't seen Miley Cryrus' VMA performance, I would suggest you spare your psyche the trauma of watching it. Custom foam fingers are still...

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2013

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2013September 15th through September 21st is Truck Driver Appreciation Week for 2013! Truck drivers sacrifice their time and drive thousands of miles each week to make sure our local stores are stocked with merchandise such as food, toiletries, and other necessities, as well as those non-necessities that we have become accustomed to having.

Your company can show your appreciation of the hard working truck drivers who keep your shelves full of inventory by buying promotional items for them such as custom water bottlespersonalized coffee mugspromotional tire gauges, and more! Check out some of the specials going on for Truck Driver Appreciation Week! FREE rush available for a limited time!

New Halloween Bag Designs

Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat BagsIf you are tired of the same old Halloween trick or treat bag designs, check out these new stock designs and options all available with your personalized logo imprint. Choose from 8 new designs, including a pumpkin shaped drawstring bag which is great for trick or treating!

Halloween Give Away Ideas

Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaways (non-candy)Halloween is a big upcoming celebration and many shopping malls, retail centers, and downtown areas promote a safe trick or treating event for children. Many businesses give away personalized Halloween trick or treat bags before Halloween; however, when it comes to the trick or treating event, businesses needs giveaways to drop in the treat bags. Maybe you are looking for some ideas other than candy. Here are some ideas for trick or treat giveaways that are fun and some that even promote child safety while trick or treating.