Top 5 Classic Spirit Items for Football Season


Spirit items are a vital part of all football games. Never will you go to a football game and NOT see any school spirit items around the stadium. These fun inexpensive products help keep the crowd cheering, yelling, screaming, and supporting their team. You will see typically “shy” people who are yelling and screaming when they are hiding behind a pom pom or behind a pair of thunder sticks. It’s like they are hiding behind the spirit items, which helps the shy fans come ALIVE!

Over the years, there have definitely been quite a few new spirit items introduced; however, there are several classic items that will likely never die. Below is a list of those classic spirit items.

Top 5 Spirit Items for Football Season

  1. Mini Footballs – There is no denying that fans love to catch mini footballs thrown by the cheerleaders. Or do they just like interacting with the cheerleaders?
  2. Pom Poms – The crowd loves to shake their pom poms and cheer for their team with each great play and score! It’s cool to see a big stadium full of cheering pom poms.
  3. Stadium Seat Cushions – Fans love to keep their back-end off of cold bleachers. I’m not sure what it says when they want to put their butt on their team mascot, but it must be all about comfort.
  4. Thunder Sticks – There is no noise like the deafening boom of thundersticks when being used by hundreds or thousands of fans. These are a relatively new spirit items, but have quickly become a fan favorite.
  5. Foam Fingers – Waving an oversized foam finger when cheering is a great spirit items and they are fun. Foam fingers come in a many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Now there are many more spirit items that have been around for years, but these are the five most common items that are used at football games. And my guess is that you will continue to see these spirit items for years to come.

Booster Club Fundraising Using Mini Footballs


Mini footballs with custom logoEvery year over the past decade, when counties and states are balancing their budget and looking for cuts, it seems they like to go to the school system for the first round of budget cuts. Each school always first cuts their sports program budgets. Because of these stringent budget cuts over the past few years, many football programs are on a shoestring budget. That is why fundraising is vital for any booster club or football team.

A great way for school booster clubs to raise funds is by using mini footballs. Here is how simple it is to get sponsorship money:

  1. Decide which mini football you want to use. Choose from either the plastic mini football or the vinyl mini football.
  2. Work out the cost of the mini footballs. Make sure you factor in any setup charges and shipping charges and get a total price for a lot of 100, 250, and 500 footballs.
  3. Decide on how much you want to make off of each sponsorship. Don’t be greedy, but include enough profit from the sale so you can grow your booster club funds. For example, if 100 mini footballs cost $1.50 each, $0 setup (at Perfect Imprints), and $30.00 shipping, your total would be $180. You could sell this sponsorship for $250, which is not much money for most businesses. Then each business could get their business logo printed on the mini footballs.
  4. Assign each team player the task of getting at least one business sponsorship. If you have 60 players and each one sells just 1 sponsorship, that is a total profit of $4200. That amount of money can go a long way with most football teams.
  5. After you order the mini footballs, receive them, and your first football game arrives, you can have your team cheerleaders throw the footballs into the crowd after your team scores or makes a great play. Depending on the total amount of footballs ordered, you just designate the quantity of footballs to be thrown out at each game so no game is left without footballs.

Football fans love catching mini footballs as much as baseball fans love catching a home run ball or foul ball. The funds being raised are to benefit your team, so get the whole team involved to make the fundraiser bigger and easier. Working as a team will help ensure your next fundraiser to be more successful.

Personalized Beach Balls For Summer Promotions


Personalized Beach Balls

Personalized Beach BallsAs we near the end of July, and finish the first month of the 3rd quarter, it’s very important to keep sales strong. End of summer sales and promotions are popular and important to drive sales to your stores. By using various beach promos such as personalized beach balls, you can help boost your sales campaign. Give out the custom beach balls with each purchase made at your store or for each store credit card application filled out by your customers.

With personalized beach balls, there are several popular sizes to choose from. Here area  few of the most popular sizes:

  • 6″ Mini Beach Balls – About the size of a softball
  • 12″ Beach Balls – About the size of volleyball
  • 16″ Beach Balls – About the size of a basketball
  • 24″ Beach Balls – Nothing to compare to, but a good bit larger than a basketball

If you want larger, we have 36″ and 48″ balls as well a wide variety of colors, including multi-color and solid colors as well as clear. Even if you don’t live in a beach town, beach balls are great promotional giveaways. If you plan on doing a beach them sale or promo, be sure to check out our other beach promos.

Mini Footballs For High School Football Teams


Plastic Mini Footballs

Mini Footballs

In less than a month, high school and middle school football season will begin. Already, there are many teams in pre-season practice, gearing up for their first game. The excitement of the potential of each team is building already. Smack talk is certainly happening between friends and between players from opposing teams. It’s also time for school booster clubs to start planning their spirit items to help raise money for the team. All of the typical stadium noisemakers such as thundersticks and stadium horns are always great choices. And what would a football game be without rooter pom poms for the crowd to cheer along with the cheerleaders. There are plenty of other spirit items and stadium items too, such as stadium cushions and mini footballs.

Booster club members are already hitting the streets and making phone calls lining up businesses to sponsor their team. I’ve already sponsored a few local teams in response to visits from team members. I believe that sponsoring our young athletes is a great way to give back to the community and help keep our youth in positive team settings.

If you are a business owner, please seriously consider sponsoring your local teams. Your sponsorships help to buy school spirit items such as mini footballs, stadium seat cushions, thunder sticks, and many other items that the booster club can sell to raise funds for their team. These spirit items also help to keep the fans cheering loudly for the players, which help get the team excited

Destin Restaurants


Destin Beaches - Emerald Coast of FLIf you live in the Destin, FL area or if you have ever visited the area, I don’t have to tell you about the beauty of the Emerald Coast beaches. Nor do I have to tell you about the awesome Destin restaurants.

The Emerald Coast of Florida is a hot spot for family vacations. The Destin area has world-class accommodations as well as plenty to do. Whether you visit the area with or without kids, you will be planning your next vacation back to Destin before you even leave.

While you are here in Destin, be sure to check out some of the things to do in Destin, FL. While you are visiting get your adventure on with parasailing or try paddle boarding for a different kind of experience. Also, Destin FL has the reputation for good reason of being the world’s luckiest fishing village, so go ahead and test out that claim. You’ll likely return home with enough fish for the rest of the year.

Most importantly, while you are in Destin, relax, have fun, and de-stress yourself! Enjoy your vacation and soak up some sun!

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