Does Your Website Represent Your Brand Well?


Branding is an important and really simplistic process for businesses. A common misconception that many business owners have is that branding is only important for large companies. However, that is HUGE misconception. Proper branding is important even for one man (or woman) businesses. Consistent branding should happen across all advertising and marketing avenues.  One common scenario that I run across with clients, particularly with small businesses, is that their website has a completely different look and feel from their actual business and much different than their printed marketing items.

Your website should stay consistent with your company colors, you logo, and your mission and vision of your business. When potential clients go to your website, they should never even doubt if they are on the right website. Your site should be neat, organized, full of information, and have visible contact information.

Many small business owners believe that a website is unimportant since they are not doing e-commerce. Consumers are hungry for information and they want it when they want it. If that happens to be at 11:00 at night, they don’t want to wait to get that information until business hours the next day. That’s why having a website is crucial. Let me ask this question, “Have you noticed the size comparison of your current local Yellow Pages printed directory from just 1 or 2 years ago?” I know my local directory is nearly half the size than last year’s edition. That’s because people aren’t using the Yellow Page books any more. They just go to Google and type in the product or service they are looking for and their city. This is why it is imperative for all businesses to have a great website.

Perfect Imprints understands the importance of a professional and functional website that is search engine friendly to help you rank high on search engines. Give us a call at 1-800-773-9472 and get your website started today. If you just want a redesign, we can do that as well, but don’t wait. If you do, you are missing many new clients who are searching online every day.

Gotta Love the Microbrew Beers


Custom Printed Pilsner GlassOften with my job, I find myself traveling frequently for educational seminars and other training sessions to further my marketing expertise. After all of the business is taken care of for the day, I like to visit a bar or pub to try out the local microbrews. As I have aged, I like to try more and more varieties and now consider it a kind of a hobby.

While visiting some of these microbrew establishments, I have noticed some have custom printed beer mugs, while others simply have plain beer mugs or pilsner glasses. Bars and microbreweries have a great opportunity for branding simply by using beer mugs printed with their logo. While those bars using non-branded mugs likely saved a little bit of money up front buying blank mugs, they are missing out on a golden opportunity to further the brand of their bar.

There are many options of beer mugs to choose from, including plastic beer mugs, acrylic beer mugs, and the I Ching of all beer mugs, glass. Glass mugs are a beer drinker’s choice because they can be frozen and help to chill the beer longer. Acrylic and plastic mugs can also be frozen; however, they don’t stay cold quite as long as glass mugs. In addition, there is nothing like holding a frosted beer mug that has a little weight to it. It actually makes the beer taste better to drink from a glass mug.

I have seen many bars and pubs offer the nicer variety of glass beer mugs as souvenirs that can be purchased by their patrons. This is a great opportunity to not only brand your establishment, but also make a little extra profit.

Glass beer mugs can be screen printed, pad printed, etched, or laser engraved. Screen printing and pad printing offers color prints, but aren’t quite as permanent as etching or laser engraving. Etching is a process that actually burns the imprint into the glass using an acid which leaves a frosted look. Laser engraving is the best option for premium mugs and this process is a permanent option that will not fade, wash off, or wear off. Laser engraving is typically a bit more expensive than the other options, but the personalization will outlast the mug itself.

Beer mugs are great promotional items to use in your everyday business if you run a bar, pub, or brewery. It is important to use every opportunity you can to build your brand, and branded mugs are an easy way to do this. So, bottoms up, and see you soon at a local bar serving up your favorite micro brews.

Sun, Sand and Flip Flops


Custom Flip FlopsHere in Florida, we love our beaches. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world right here on the Emerald Coast. We also love the casual attire that is accepted as the norm at not only the workplace, but also at church. In general, the people are more laid back than other populations across the United States.

As part of the regular and casual attire you will see amongst Floridians year round is flip flops. Flip flops are the footwear of choice here. We wear them in the Winter. We wear them in the Summer. We wear them to the beach. We wear them to restaurants. We even wear them to work. Flip flop sales are a pivotal piece for the clothing and shoe stores around our area. Flip flops are so popular, that you even see many people wearing t-shirts displaying sayings about their love for flip flops.

Because of their popularity, promotional flip flops are excellent give aways for business in beach towns. You can choose custom flip flops with choices of many different styles, colors, sizes, and price points. They are great items to give away as wedding gifts for attendees or for the wedding party. They are also great for companies to give away for corporate picnics or get togethers.

Other uses of personalized flip flops would be to sell them at gift shops, hotels, beach accessory stores, salons, and boutiques. They are great fundraisers for churches, school booster clubs, and non-profit organizations.

Custom flip flops can be personalized with your logo or imprint on the straps and the sole. You can also get a cut-out of your logo on the sole so it leaves behind an impression in the sand. This option is sometimes called a “talking footprint.”

Flip flops are perfect give aways for any business. You don’t have to be a beach based business to give them out. So go ahead and get your custom order of flip flops today and help support our casual Florida lifestyle!

Now, What Do You Do For A Living?


Full Color Business CardsHow good are you at promoting yourself verbally? When you meet people, do you let them know what you do for a living? You should. However, many business owners and professionals fail to tweet their own horn. Sure it’s easy to talk about your business or line of work at business networking functions, but what about in social situations?

Read the following story and see if you can relate. This is a true story about myself. A lady walks into our office and relays to our office manager that she needs some business cards printed. So she is referred to one of our promotional products specialists. While I am in my office, I can hear parts of the conversation happening and the client’s voice sounds familiar. So I peek my head out and see a friend from church that I have known for about four years. When I see her, I greet her and she says, “I didn’t know you worked here.” I reply with, “Not only do I work here, but I own Perfect Imprints.”

Full Color Business CardsSo the moral is the story is that I very obviously did a lousy job promoting myself and my business. Now you must have some etiquette and not be annoying. You don’t want to turn social situations into business situations. You don’t want to conduct business while at church service. But, as you are wrapping up your conversation with friends, acquaintances, or new people you meet, just casually hand them your business card and say, “Here’s my business card with my contact info on it in case you ever need to get in contact with me.” I guarantee everyone will look at it and associate your business with you. Whether you own a business or work for a business, you should always promote that business and ensure your job security every opportunity you get.

So don’t be shy. Tell others about your business and begin developing deeper relationships with clients. In small business, more people than not, prefer to do business with someone they know and trust. Capitalize on that trust and your business will see growth.

Marketing That Really Sticks


Full Color MagnetsHave you ever walked through a spider web and then for the next 15 minutes, you were swatting web from your face and head? Or maybe you have stepped in dog poop and gotten it stuck all in the treads of your shoes. Maybe you have gotten super glue stuck on your fingers and then dirt stuck to the glue and you had to go around for days with black spots on your hands. Or sometimes you just can’t get that sticker off your fingers. No matter which finger you grab it with it just sticks to another one. That’s how you want your marketing to be for your business. You want it to stick and stay stuck.

Now you don’t want to smear dog poop on your clients, but you do want a message that will stick. Bumper stickers stick, but the majority of people won’t put them on their car. After all, they paid $30,000 or more that vehicle and they don’t want to trash it up. However, custom magnets are a completely different story since they are removable. They stick to cars and to refrigerators and do a great job marketing your business. There are so many applications and uses for magnets in business. Below are a few ideas for magnets.

  1. Full Color Car Magnets

    Perfect Imprints Vehicle Magnet

    Put over-sized car magnets on your vehicles and your employees’ cars to market your business.

  2. Have smaller magnets to fit on the back of your customers’ cars and ask them to put them on their car. If they are happy with your service, most will do this. Give these out to all customers.
  3. Have contests in which winners are spotted around town with your magnet on their car. Only those with the magnets on their car can win. Radio stations have done a variation of this for years using bumper stickers. You will have a better response with magnets since they are not permanent.
  4. Create over-sized car magnets and recruit affiliates to keep the magnet on their vehicles. Put a specific phone number that can be tracked on the magnet and offer a commission on all sales from those calls. The more magnets you have riding around town, the better exposure for your business.
  5. For restaurants and pizza shops that deliver, give out a refrigerator magnet with each order with your phone number highlighting the fact that you deliver. People are busy, tired, and sometimes just lazy and delivery is a huge appeal on those frantic nights. Seeing the reminder on the refrigerator is all it takes sometimes to generate a call.
  6. For service based businesses such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and yard maintenance companies, pass out refrigerator magnets along with a flyer to various neighborhoods and track the response. Don’t put them in their mailboxes, because that is illegal, but leave them at their front door.
  7. Include a refrigerator magnet in a direct mail piece. “Junk mail” is always better when there is prize inside.
  8. Create schedule magnets of your local school sports teams and put your logo and contact info at the bottom and donate them to the school. They can then sell them to raise money or give them away. Always contact the specific booster club prior to printing these to make sure they don’t already have them printed.
  9. Use refrigerator magnets as Save The Date reminders for weddings, parties, events, and other important dates.
  10. Use magnets as appointment cards. These are great for dentist and doctor appointments. The magnets can be designed to write in the appointment date and time.
  11. Heating/Air maintenance companies can leave behind magnets stuck to the AC unit after maintenance or tune ups. Whenever there is a problem with a heating or air unit, the first thing everyone does after messing with the thermostat is open the AC closet. Then the magnet will be staring them in the face prompting a call.

There are a few things to keep in mind though when buying magnets. If your magnets will be used outdoors, make sure you get outdoor magnets. They have a UV coating that helps them to last longer outside. The other thing to consider is the magnet thickness. They are most typically measured with thicknesses of 20 mil, 25 mil, 30 mil, and 35 mil. The 20 mil magnets are good enough to stick on the refrigerator, but not powerful enough to hold paper. So let’s be realistic, because most people will use a magnet on the refrigerator to hold up a piece of paper. If it’s not strong enough, it will eventually be replaced with a magnet that can handle the job. I recommend a 25 mil at the minimum, but 30 mil is my preference. It’s still priced right and it’s strong enough to hold paper. There are many more uses for magnets than those listed above, so get creative and see how your logo will stick around for your clients. Call Perfect Imprints at 1-800-773-9472 to talk about magnet options for your business.