We Print Everything But Money, Or Do We?


I always tell potential clients that we print everything but money. We leave that to the government, and in recent times, they just print it whenever they want it.

However, I got to thinking about this statement, and it turns out we actually do print money. Now I’m not talking about counterfeiting, because we certainly don’t do that. We do print funny money. Below are a few examples of some funny money that we can print.

Funny Black printed cheap  Full Color printed funny money  Funny Money Ideas

Now there are a lot of applications with funny money for any business. It’s not just for playing Monopoly or Life. You can use these as coupons towards purchases from your business. You could use these as gift certificates. You could use these as money towards rewards for employees or clients. Some companies put their owner or CEO picture in their funny money or their company logo. These are memorable items to receive because they have value and “value” is one of the most important aspects of any promotion. What’s in it for the client? Well, saving money is what’s in it for them, and I don’t know many people who don’t like to save money.

Gift Certificate

Boring Gift Certificate

So, are you ready to spruce up your boring old gift certificates? You know the ones I’m talking about. Just look to the right and I’ll refresh your memory. Now if your clients had a gift certificate like the one on the right posted on their refrigerator versus a funny money gift certificate like seen above, which one is more fun and stands out the most? I think the funny money option would win out every time. Be fun; be creative, and stick out from the crowd. Your eye will always be attracted to money, even if it’s fake money.

At Perfect Imprints, we can custom design your very own unique money design and transform into a gift certificate, coupon, or reward. Just give us a call at 1-800-773-9472 and we will work for you to get a little more recognition for your business.

Stinky Breath Promotional Giveaways


Promotional ToothbrushHave you ever been talking to a client and wanted to just hand them a toothbrush and some toothpaste because their breath stunk so badly? Well now you can. Promotional toothbrushes are great giveaways not only for dentists and orthodontists, but for other businesses as well. A promotional toothbrush is a great give away product for travel agents and stores selling luggage, bathroom accessories, and for doctors. Many dentists and orthodontists now have a teeth brushing station so after a patient checks in, they go get a disposable toothbrush, brush their teeth, and then wait to be called back for their appointment. What a great idea! Then they avoid the funky breath from some of their patients during the examination.

Not only are there standard toothbrushes available, but there are many options for travel toothbrushes available with your custom imprint too, which are ideal for those involved within the travel industry. Some of the travel toothbrushes are folding while others have their own storage case, and some even come with a case and some toothpaste. After all, a toothbrush alone won’t contain some of that breath; toothpaste is a must! I remember booking a vacation through a travel agent in the past and I received a little travel bag with a toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, toothbrush, Q-tips, and a few other travel accessories. It was a nice gift and I certainly remembered that travel agent. $5-$6 is a small gift to gift someone who books a $5000 vacation; however, it is a useful and memorable gift to receive. However, you don’t have to invest that much in your clients. If you want to just do custom printed toothbrushes or dental floss, you can spend as little as $1.00 per client for these giveaways. It’s a cheap promotional give away and one that will stick around for about 3-6 months.

One of the main complaints of dentists is the lack of flossing by their patients. Giving away dental floss with your custom imprint may help promote flossing. It’s true that some patients just don’t like to floss, but how many non-compliant patients can be attributed to just not having floss handy. I’m sure quite a few. Dental floss isn’t typically one of those staple items that you get when you go to Wal-Mart. So go ahead and promote good gum health. Below is a really cool floss design. It’s dental floss in a compact credit card sized container. Or try going with the key chain dental floss which would be great for those with braces. You could help them avoid that uncomfortable situation where that huge chunk of lettuce is stuck in their bracket.

Promotional Dental Floss Credit Card Promotional Key Chain Dental Floss Promotional Dental Floss

For pricing of promotional toothbrushes or promotional dental floss, just give Perfect Imprints a call at 1-800-773-9472.






3 Must Have Marketing Items For Any Small Business


It’s no secret that it’s a tough world out there for business owners. We are the last ones to get paid and many times we have to forego our paychecks altogether to make sure our employees and suppliers are paid. We have multiple competitors who all seem to have more money than us even though we know their quality is much lower. It’s so easy to waste money on various advertising and marketing tactics that are epic fails. However, there are 3 essential items that almost all small business owners can get and see an immediate return on their investment.

  1. Car Magnets – These are a minimal investment around $60-$80 each for a decent sized, full-color car magnet which can greatly increase visibility for your business. If you have employees, ask them if they would be willing to support your business by placing car magnets on the vehicle they drive to work. Explain to them that this is just job security. Have your spouse put the magnets on his/her vehicle. These will pay for themselves over and over and one set will last for several years.
  2. Flags – It’s getting much more popular to see feather flags when driving down the road. That’s because they work! They attract attention of drivers passing by and bring attention to your store or advertised specials. When you drive through a business district, you pass hundreds or thousands of businesses. What makes you notice any individual business over another one? A full-color printed flag will generate plenty of attention. My flags have been at the roadside in front of my business now for 6 months and I have about a 1000% Return On Investment (ROI) already. What’s that ROI going to be after a full year or 2 years? I can’t wait to see. It’s now just free advertising.
  3. Business Cards – Now I don’t mean any old, cheap looking business card. I mean something unique. Maybe printing with spot UV or a die-cut card to compliment your business industry or logo. Be colorful and creative. These are individual salesmen for your company. They say a lot about your company. If you give out cheap and flimsy business cards, your image will be cheap. If you give out a creative and high quality card, that will now be your image.

Perfect Imprints has a vast knowledge of branding and marketing for your business while maintaining a friendly budget. These 3 items can immediately and drastically improve your sales. If you are a home based business, just forego the flags, but car magnets and a great business card design is a must. Give us a call and let us help you boost your sales at a minimal cost.

How To Effectively Design A Flyer


In order to effectively promote your business or event, flyers are vital marketing items. However, flyers don’t always help your cause. They can sometimes be harmful if not designed properly. An amateurish design can reflect a poor impression upon your business or event. With over 12 years in the design and marketing business, I have put together a list of tips, ideas, and suggestions about how to properly design a flyer for maximal response.

  1. Color – Just like with clothing, automobiles, and accessories, it’s all about color. Be bold, bright, and use current color trends to grab the attention of viewers. It’s the same cost these days to print in full color as it is to print in one color, so make sure and take advantage of a full color design. Just make sure and don’t use contrasting colors which will make your flyer difficult to read.
  2. Fonts – A common amateur mistake is using too many fonts. I recommend sticking with no more than 2 font types. It is very distracting to use more than 2 typestyles. Use bolder, easier to read fonts and shy away from script which is harder to read.
  3. Logo – Be sure to include your logo on anything printed. This is one of the main principles of branding. Any business, organization, non-profit, politician, or annual event should have a logo. This is imperative to establish your brand. If you don’t have a logo, give me a call and we can offer a very affordable logo design package for you.
  4. Images – Imagery is a vital part of great design. Your eye will direct to images before it will to text. I strongly discourage the use of straight clip-art on your flyers. A well taken photo often works much better and will look much more professional. However, rarely, can you find free, royalty-free photographs to use in your design, so plan on spending just a little to beef up your flyer. We have access to over 14,000,000 professional photos for design for a charge of only $10 per photograph. That’s a small price to pay to take your design from dull to explosive!
  5. Headline – Make sure you have a headline that pops. The bottom line is that people are busy and they will not read your flyer if the main headline doesn’t capture their attention. Make sure it is descriptive and intriguing.
  6. Power Words – Make sure and use power words in your headlines and descriptions, such as FREE, Brand New, Guarantee, Easy, Amazing, Mind-Blowing, State of the Art, etc.
  7. Audience – Make sure you appeal to your intended audience. If you are promoting to college-aged students, your design should reflect that. If you are targeting senior citizens, design to appeal to that generation.
  8. Contact Info – Make sure your contact info is prominent. People will have questions. Include a website, phone number, and an email address for more information. Be sure to include all three, because while many prefer email, others prefer calling. Another very effective approach is to include a cell number and say, “For More Information, Text To: 555-555-5555.” Texting is huge, so take advantage of this popular form of communication.
  9. Design – Design doesn’t just have to do with pictures and text. There is much more than that. You must have a flyer designed to direct the eye toward the most important elements such as the event date or deadline or the Call to Action. This is where a professional designer can help you. If you are putting on a big event with lots of sponsorships, make sure you budget a little money for design of your printed material. Your event will be more successful, as long as you retain a great designer.
  10. Concise – Do not be guilty of information overload. This is a common mistake which leads to people just ignoring your flyer. Be concise and to the point. Leave a little to the imagination so they are intrigued.
  11. Appeal – Make sure your content is appealing and not like an advertisement. If you read your newspaper this morning , can you name an ad that you saw in the paper? Chances are you probably can’t. That’s because your brain skipped right over that bit of information because you weren’t receptive to advertising at that time and were reading for news and not ads. The same goes for your flyers. If you have your flyer posted at a restaurant, for example, people are eating, drinking, and having a good time with their friends and family. They don’t want to see advertising and they will ignore it. However, if your flyer has appeal, they will read it.
  12. Jargon – The medical community and attorneys are notorious for using their industry jargon that those outside the profession can’t even begin to understand. As soon as readers start seeing this unfamiliar jargon, they shut down and stop reading. Write your content for a 10th grade audience. This will ensure that your content will be read by the masses.
  13. Incentives – Great points to highlight on your flyers would be incentives you offer. What is in it for them? Be sure and tell about free prizes, giveaways, a coupon, free admission, a popular music band, drink specials, fun, etc. Let the reader know why they should attend.
  14. Testimonials – People love testimonials. They build trust. You should include testimonials when possible with attendees reactions to your event or experience with your service or product.
  15. Proofing – Use proper spelling and grammar. Period. Have others not involved with the design and content writing proofread the flyer. Your brain knows how the content is supposed to be read and it will often read it the correct way, when in fact there is a blatant misspelling. And by all means, make sure you use there, their, and they’re correctly as well as your and you’re.
  16. Alignment - Be strategic about the alignment of your text. Keep a good balance between text and photos. It is much easier on the eye to keep a neat alignment of your paragraphs and photo edges.
  17. Print – Print only with high quality printing. There are many color printers whose print lacks the vivid color that your flyer should have. This is due to inferior printing equipment. Top quality printers can cost millions of dollars which eliminates a lot of “mom and pop” shops. Ask for print samples prior to production if you suspect a possible inferior product. Stick with 100 lb paper stock or better with an aqueous coating to really make a great impression. If you are mass marketing your flyers to 10,000 or more people, then you can save a little money and use an 80lb paper stock, but don’t go any less or you will look cheap.

Now, any good designer knows that you can’t always meet every one of these objectives for every flyer design, however, these are some of the most important points to consider. The take home message is to not have your flyer looking like it was designed by an amateur (a.k.a. “yourself”). Having a professional look to your flyers will reflect organization and will attract more people. If you want a professional design for your next flyer, be sure to contact Perfect Imprints and we will make you look good.

How Many GB Can Your Brain Hold?


How many GB can the brain hold?
How many gigabytes can your brain hold? This is a frequently asked question along with, “How much RAM does your brain have?” or “If your brain had an operating system like a computer, what would it be?” and other similar questions. This obviously can’t be accurately measured, although, many scientists have given it the old college try. It has been estimated anywhere between 100 GB to several TB. The human brain is an amazing organ, and I really believe that it is infinite, although I often feel like my brain is overloaded. One thing that I do know for sure is that some brains got the short end of the stick. I know a few people that I would classify as 2 megabyters while others are definitely in the terabyte range.

Brains can store a lot of information, but in our day to day life, we need a little help in passing information along or transferring from computer to computer. I often have to bring a little work home and burn the midnight oil a bit and when I do, I transfer files I am working on to a USB Flash Drive and take them with me. Thumb drives most commonly come in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB sizes. However, drives less than 2 GB are becoming more rare. That’s because the demand for larger memory drives is higher and the memory pricing is becoming lower and lower. If the difference in a 2 GB drive and a 4 GB flash drive is only $0.50 – $0.75, wouldn’t it make sense to just upgrade to the larger size? By doing this, those who receive the drives would be more likely to keep and use them, thus marketing for your company more. Not only can we put your logo on flash drives as giveaways, but we can also pre-load data on them for you.

There are many uses for flash drives, and below I have listed just a few ideas on how to use USB flash drives:

  1. Put all of your company manuals and forms on a flash drive and give out to all of your employees.
  2. Include your catalog and website shortcut on the flash drives and give out to potential clients.
  3. Product or company videos. Research has shown that a personalized videoe sales pitch is like money in the bank. So make a simple video of yourself pitching your offer to a potential client, put it on a flash drive and send it to them. They can take your pitch on their terms and it will be better received than a cold call.
  4. Include a set of videos of client testimonials.
  5. For resorts, do a video tour of your property and amenities.
  6. PowerPoint presentations of your products and services.
  7. Include an automatic opening of your website when the drive is plugged in. This is a guaranteed visit to your website which will be a non-invasive introduction to your company.
  8. Videos of product demonstrations and real life uses for your products.
  9. Bands can sell their mp3 songs pre-loaded on USB flash drives rather than a CD.
  10. Pre-load with security applications which can allow network access or unlocking of a computer and give to employees.
  11. Include podcasts about your company or products.

USB Flash Drives USB Flash Drives USB Flash Drives

Perfect Imprints lots of options for USB Flash Drives and most that we sell are Tier 1 memory, which is the best you can get. We don’t sell the cheap memory that only works for a few months. Our USB drives have a lifetime warranty which is passed to each recipient. So that means if you give the thumb drives out to customers and they stop working, they have a toll free phone number they can call and get a replacement. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat. Most of our 2 GB flash drives start around $7.00 for 50 quantity and go up from there as memory increases and down in price as quantity increases.