Record High Cotton Prices and Custom T-Shirts


So, cotton is at it’s highest point since the Civil War.  During the Civil War, blockades stopped the flow of cotton from the U.S. to Europe and cotton reached it’s highest price ever.  Now, in 2010, we have no Civil War, but the countries who export the most cotton such as Pakistan and China, have suffered from flooding, export restrictions, among other factors which have driven cotton prices to the current level.  The increase represents an 80% increase over prices from last year.  So the question is, will these higher prices affect prices of custom t-shirts and other logo apparel?

It certainly will.  Almost all major apparel retailers and wholesales have already increased pricing or announced an increase for 2011.  At Perfect Imprints, we intend to try to keep our pricing around the same for the 2011 season.  We have found ways to absorb the increased apparel costs by streamlining our processes and therefore benefit our customers better.  Hopefully in 2011, cotton demands will stabilize and cotton prices will come down.  Logo apparel is among the top selling product in the promotional products industry.  It is essential for any company to have professional attire for employees in order to portray confidence to it’s clients.

Cool Idea for saving money for Cheerleader Squads


One of our clients wanted some plastic megaphones with a handle on them.  After pricing them out for him, he found that the megaphones with the handles were out of his budget range.  So, instead of just leaving the cheerleader squad without megaphones, he improvised.  He bought the inexpensive megaphones and attached metal handles on them using a bolt and a nut.  See the picture below.  With a little work, he saved hundreds of dollars and made sure all the cheerleaders had megaphones so they can help generate team spirit.  Spirit items are an essential part of any cheerleading squad, so don’t let budget constraints slow you down.  Be creative!

Thanks to Jody B. from Houma, LA for sending these photos!

Top 3 Basketball Spirit Items


Well, college football season is nearly over.  Bowls games start on 12/18 so hopefully you all have mini footballs to throw out at your games and events.  As the Football Bowl Games near, College Basketballs season really gets going.  So whether your favorite basketball team is from a high school, middle school, college or university, make sure you keep your team spirit high with basketball spirit items.  Below are the top 3 most popular spirit items for basketball teams and booster clubs.

  1. Mini Basketballs – These vinyl mini basketballs continue to be one of the most popular spirit items for basketball.  These balls can be thrown into the crowd without fear of causing injury (except for those crazy fans that may fight for the item).  These are fun souvenirs for fans to take home.
  2. Thundersticks – Thunder sticks are great noise makers to help cheer on your team or distract the opposing team.  These inflatable sticks are banged together to make a loud noise.  Make sure and check with your school to make sure there are no noise maker ordinances before buying these.  These make great fundraiser items also to sell through the booster club.
  3. Pom Poms – Custom printed pom poms are always a crowd favorite.  It’s much easier to get your crowd cheering when they have something to waive around.  Pom poms do the trick.  They also can be sold as fundraisers.

Of course there are many other spirit items for basketball as well as other basketball related promotional products such as basketball schedule magnets, banners, custom team shirts and apparel and others.  Be sure and keep your team spirit high.

New 2010 Promotional Products Study


An recently released study about promotional products showed that promotional marketing items are still the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business.

The study was conducted through in person interviews with business individuals in 8 different major cities across North American, Europe, and Australia.  Detailed questions were asked regarding various promotional products that they have received recently.

Here is a summary of the conclusions:

  1. Cost Per Impression: The cost per impression for promotional items remained unchanged in 2010, compared to 2008 and when compared to other forms of media, promotional products were more affordable and more effective.  This just goes to show you that marketing your business with promotional products is much less expensive and more effective than using print or television ads.  I am in no way recommending to use on promotional products to market your business though.  I think a good variety is important and of course, the ratio of the variety is dependent upon your target audience.
  2. Product Usage: Bags were revealed as the highest number of impressions per month, making it one of the most effective promotional products available.  Although individual bag prices may be higher than other promotional items, they are much more effective in marketing your business since they have such a high perceived value and tend to stick around more and be used more which advertises for you more with every use.
  3. Gender Usage: Males were more likely to keep shirts and caps, while females were more likely to keep bags, pens & pencils, calendars, and health and safety products.  By knowing this information, you make smarter decisions when buying promotional products.  For instance, if you have a conference for women, you can give out products that your audience will be more inclined to use.
  4. Ethnic Preferences: African Americans are more inclined to keep hats and other headwear and bags over any other ethnicity and keep a higher percentage of all other promotional products.  Here again, if you know what your target audience likes, you can buy promotional items that will be more well received and used more.  And, the more your promotional products are used, the more marketing exposure for your business.
  5. Ability to Identify the Advertiser: 83% indicated they could identify the advertiser on a promotional product they owned.  This is of course the whole reason you do marketing, for top of mind awareness.  That recipient may not be ready to make a purchase that day, but if you give out a useful item then your business name will stay at the top of their mind.  In the future when they need your services, they will call you over a competitor.
  6. Ability to Influence User Opinions: 41% of respondents indicated their opinion of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the promotional productBusiness these days is tough.  We all have multiple competitors, so we have to stay a step ahead of the competition.  Everyone loves free stuff, so giving out promotional products would of course keep your company favorable with recipients.

Here is the full 2010 Promotional Product Study as published by the Advertising Specialty Institute.