Top 5 Reasons to Buy Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags


Here are the top 5 reasons to buy custom Halloween Bags:

  1. The promote safety for children. – Many of our trick or treat bags have safety tips to keep trick or treaters safe.
  2. They are useful. – The one thing in common with ALL trick or treaters is that they all need trick or treat bags.  You can’t go wrong with this item.
  3. They are cheap. – It’s hard to find a cheaper promotional product that is also as useful as a trick or treat bag.
  4. They are a great way to market your business. – You can have your custom imprint on the halloween bags and advertising your website, a specific product or service, or just your business in general.
  5. They help generate a good rapport with your customers. – Anytime you do anything positive for your customer’s kids shows them that you care and it strengthens their positive feelings toward your company.

Halloween is a great opportunity to market your business for cheap and show your customers that you care about the safety of their kids.  Don’t miss out on trick or treat bags this year.

Hilarious Billboard Misprint


Here is a hilarious billboard misprint in South Bend, IN:


In our business of printing promotional products and business printing, we ALWAYS send a proof.  It is imperative to always thoroughly check over your proof for simple mistakes such as this.  What a huge difference that 1 missing letter can make.  Luckily the company that misprinted the billboard owned up to the mistake and corrected it by the end of the day.  But, this often happens in the printing industry.  A customer will approve the proof after a casual glance over the proof and be irate when they get the final product and it is misprinted.  While any company tries to proof and prevent errors, I think the ultimate responsibility has to come down to the one who approved the proof.  Please make sure and carefully read all text and ensure the layout and spelling is all correct before agreeing to any proof.

Promotional Products Direct From China? You Better Think Twice!


Has your company thought about sourcing your next large order of promotional products direct from China or another foreign country?  Many companies do this and many get burned, badly.  The most recent example is Chuck E. Cheese’s with their recall of about 1.2 million promotional toys.  The rings and eyeglasses were recalled due to health concerns.  There are many facets of sourcing a product that have to be looked at, especially including safety concerns for children.  There are many laws governing the acceptable levels of various chemicals and metals allowed as well as detachable parts that could be choking hazards.  When sourcing products, I highly recommend that you use an experienced promotional products distributor to assist you in your endeavor.  Your wallet may thank you for it.  While at first you might not be able to get past the fact that you are paying a little more than going direct to China, just think about the enormous costs of a mandatory recall.  The disastrous effects are enough to bankrupt some businesses.  If you do choose to go direct, please make sure you spend the necessary time to educate yourself first.

Preseason College Football Top 25


Well, with the preseason college football top 25 poll out, do you agree with the rankings?  Alabama is on top just the way they ended the season.  Although I’m not an Alabama fan, I will have to give props to their fans.  Alabama fans are die hard and full of team spirit all the way to the end.  Their team booster club must make a lot of money selling spirit items.  The fans are always dressed in Crimson and White or coated with body paint or cheering loudly.  This tremendous team spirit causes a huge adrenaline rush for the players.  What if we gave this much effort toward our business?  Do you show team spirit for your business or employer?  How much excitement do you bring to your employees or coworkers?  Are you the drab, negative, and always complaining type, or are you a motivator?  Your attitude determines the level of customer service that you give.  If you take a person that hates their job and a person that loves their job and have them do the exact same customer oriented task, the person that loves their job will always do it better.  Even if each one does the same exact things, the customer will favor the person with the positive attitude and get a better feeling toward your business.  Personally, I know of several business that I despise going to because the employees have bad attitudes.  This all starts with management.  Make sure you as a business owner and your managers demonstrate positive attitude and it will positively impact your business.

Comparison of various types of thundersticks (thunderstix)


So what are thundersticks anyway.  Sometimes people refer to them as bam bams, thunderstix, thunder sticks, boom sticks, fan-ta-sticks, among other names.  These are all similar products.  They are football noise makers for the stadium.  They consist of two inflatable sticks which are banged together to make a loud noise.  When in combination with other thunderstix, the noise is very loud.  However, all thundersticks are not created equal.  Thunder sticks can be broken down into 2 main categories:  Re-usable and Non-Reusable.

Reusable Thundersticks

Thundersticks Reusable

  1. These type of thundersticks have an inflation valve exactly like a pool raft or a beach ball and can be inflated and deflated as many times as desired.  If they need more air during use, you simply open the valve and add more air.
  2. They are made from a vinyl material (PVC) are are slightly thicker than all other types of thunderstix and therefore, are more durable.
  3. Because these thunder sticks are made of a thicker material, they have a lower pitch boom when banged together.
  4. This type of thunder stick can be slightly more expensive, but the fact that they are reusable makes up for the small difference in cost.
  5. Because these are manufactured first and then printed, the custom imprint can not be printed over the entire area of the thunderstick like they can on the non-reusable types.
  6. Production time for this type is typically much shorter than the non-reusable type since the sticks themselves are already produced.

Non-Reusable Thundersticks

Thundersticks Non-Reusable

  1. These type of thundersticks or bam bams don’t have a valve to inflate but rather an end similar to standard mylar balloon which can take a little more effort to inflate.  Some brands such as bam bams actually have a straw that is used for inflation that makes the process more cumbersome.
  2. These are made of a polyethylene, which feels similar to PVC; however, most are slightly thinner but more rigid.
  3. Most non-reusable types have a higher pitch sound to them, but they are still very loud.
  4. These can be lower priced if you choose a longer production time.
  5. These can be  custom printed on a much larger area on the sticks since the material is printed first then manufactured.
  6. Production time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 9 weeks with 2 weeks being the most expensive and 9 weeks being the cheapest.  If you plan ahead, you can save a lot of money with the 9 week production time option.

Whichever type of thunder sticks that you choose, they all work well and get the job done.  Making noise is an important part of any sports arena.  Showing team spirit helps to pump up the athletes and actually help them play better if they have the excitement of the crowd.