Make some noise at the Stadium with Thunder Sticks


So, what are thunder sticks (or sometimes spelled Thunderstix depending on the brand)?  Thundersticks are inflatable sticks that you bang together to make noise at the stadium.  Thunder stick are one of the most popular football spirit items.  These are great spirit items for football games and basketball games.  Thundersticks can be either reusable or one time use (disposable).  The one time use thunder sticks are about the same price for often even more expensive and make the same amount of noise and are difficult to inflate because you have to use a strawto inflate them.  I prefer the resusable type which have a valve for easy inflation similar to a beach ball or a pool raft.  This type of valve makes inflating the thunder sticks a cinch and a pair of thundersticks will typically last through a whole football season giving you maximum advertising exposure by printing your business name and logo on them.  In addition, the imprint area on thundersticks is huge – a whopping 15″ W x 3 3/8″ H on each thunder stick.  The thundersticks come in many different colors and are very inexpensive.  FREE setup and FREE art prep is included.
Thunder Stick

Fire Prevention Week 2008 – Promotional Items


Fire Prevention Week 2008 is rapidly approaching.  The National observance will be October 5-11, 2008.  The purpose of Fire Prevention Week was establish to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  The first Fire Prevention Day was proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson on October 9, 1911 on the 40th anniversary of the Chicago blaze.  Fire Prevention Week was created to get people thinking in terms of fire prevention rather than only fighting fire.  Fire Prevention Week is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Fire Prevention Week is the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

What a great opportunity to promote Fire Safety with children (and adults) by using fire safety promotional items.  There are many options including fire safety coloring books, a fire safety growth chart, fire safety litter bags, fire related stress relievers, and many other fire related promotional items.
Fire Safety Coloring Book Fire Safety Growth Chart Fire Safety Litter Bags Fire Engine Stress Reliever

Embroidered Hats for $6.00 or less – What a deal!


A high quality embroidered hat for $6.00 or less is an unbelievable deal.  You might be thinking that there must be a high quantity that you have to order to get this deal, but that is NOT the case.  There are 7 hats to choose from and a minimum order of only 48 embroidered caps to get the $6.00 deal.  So, you might think, there must be a setup charge.  NOPE!  That price includes up to 10,000 stitches embroidered on the front of the caps in up to 7 different colors.  There is no setup fee, art fee, or digitizing fee.  Just a flat $6.00 per hat plus shipping (which is cheap).  Check out the different styles of embroidered caps offered at this unbelieveable deal.
Embroidered Caps Embroidered Hats Embroidered Visor

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags to Promote Your Business


Halloween trick or treat bags are the perfect way to have fun with halloween while promoting safety with children and promoting your business at the same time.  This is a Win-Win opportunity.  many of the personalized halloween bags have safety tips on them to help guide the children (and parents) for fun and safe trick or treating.  Also, there are reflective halloween bags that help the little trick or treaters to be seen by passing cars.  Retail stores can get Halloween shopping bags that can be used the whole month of October to show your Halloween spirit.  These are a cheap way to get into the upcoming season of Halloween, but don’t wait too late.  Production time for some of the halloween bags can be up to a month.  Don’t forget your personalized halloween trick or treat giveaways.
Halloween Bags Reflective Trick or Treat Bags Halloween Shopping Bags Trick or Treat Giveaways

Personalized Mesh Backpacks to Promote School Safety


With all of the school shooting that have happened, many school have set rules regarding student backpacks, such as mandating see through mesh backpacks.  Why not personalized these mesh backpacks with the school name and sell them for a fundraiser?  This is exactly what many PTO organizations are doing.  Not only are these mesh backpacks safer since you can see the contents inside the backpack, but they are stylish.  Choose from a promotional mesh drawstring bag or a sturdier mesh drawstring bag.  If you want a heavier duty mesh backpack for high schoolers, choose the Heavy Duty Personalized Mesh Backpack.  Also, these mesh backpacks are great bags for the beach, pool, or sports events.  Promotional bags are excellent to use as corporate gifts
Promotional Mesh Drawstring Bag Drawstring Mesh Backpack Personalized Mesh Backpack