Those beer koozies can’t be that cheap!


Can you really get custom koozies for $0.59 for normal sized quantities?  Don’t you love the old ”as low as” advertising gimmick.  For example, “Get personalized kooziesfor as low as $0.59 each.”  Once you click on the website, you find out that is the price for 25,000 quantity and the price for the low quantity of 250 is actually $1.59 each plus a $40.00 setup charge.  Here are some can koozies with FREE setup and FREE art preparation that really are starting at $0.59 each for 250 qty and getting cheaper with larger quantities.  For budget conscious shoppers who just want a thin neoprene sleeve with no bottom with no bells and whistles, there is the Economy koozie Sleeve that is only $0.59 each for 250 quantity.  There is also the standard Collapsible Can Koozie that is only $0.69 each for 250 quantity – These have bottoms and the price includes an imprint in 3 different locations.  There is also the Deluxe Collapsible koozie which is thicker and these are only $0.89 each for 250 qty.  And last but not least, there are the Traditional Can koozieswhich are not collapsible that are only $0.79 each for 250 qty.  So whatever your budget, you can find any custom koozies to fit your needs and avoid paying the costly setup charges and art fees.  Keep your drinks colder for longer with personalized koozies!
Cheap Koozies - Personalized Koozie Collapsible koozies - Personalized Can koozie Deluxe Collapsible Koozie Traditional Can koozies
Perfect Imprints

Promoting Going Green with Promotional Rubber Frogs


Are you wanting to start a “Go Green” campaign.  Going green not only helps our Earth, but also can help our budgets.  One of the most notable green characters is a frog.  They are known for being green; therefore, Promotional Rubber Frogsare great for promoting a Green campaign.  For example, hotels can promote going green by persuading their customers to not request that their sheets be washed.  Leave a green rubber frog out in each room with your logo imprinted on the frog along with some literature about how being green can help save millions of gallons of water and prevent thousands of pounds of detergents from being put in the water as well as the electricity saved by not washing and drying so many loads of sheets and towels.  The potential is unlimited from campaigns to save electricity to saving water to recycling.  Imprinted rubber frogs are a clever, cute, and unique way to help promote your going green campaign.  There are several different rubber frogs to choose from including a football player rubber frog for the upcoming football season to a Santa Claus Rubber Frog for the Christmas season to a surfing rubber frog for beach themes.  Frogs know green and so should we. 
Promotional rubber frogs are the perfect promotional product to promote a Going Green campaign. Football Rubber Frog Santa Claus Rubber Frog for Christmas season Surfer Rubber Frog

Beat Stress with Promotional Stress Relievers


Stress is a common part of life, and I am referring to distress (bad stress) as opposed to eustress (good stress).  In today’s world we are more stressed than ever with excess meetings, deadlines, long hours, and carting your kids around to their various extracurricular activities.  Here is a simple way using Promotional Products to help alleviate stress:  Use traditional foam stress balls.  However, you don’t have to settle for the standard round stress ball any more.  There are now hundreds of shapes of foam stress relievers so it is much easier to match the theme of your business.  There are many unique stress relievers such as the Human Heart Stress Reliever or the Lobster Stress Reliever and hundreds of other foam stress relievers.  So squeeze a little and lose the stress. 
Round Foam Stress Balls Human Heart Stress Reliever Lobster Stress Reliever

Sizzln’ Summer Requires Drinking Plenty of Water


Your body is made up of around 60-75% water depending on your content of body fat.  Water is required for all cells and organs to function properly.  What better Promotional Product to maintain a healthy water level than  custom Sport Bottles.  Imprinted water bottles are great for sports teams or souvenir bottles for restaurants, stores, or theme parks.  Water bottles range from around a dollar to well over ten dollars each.  Economy squeeze bottles such as the 32 oz. Oasis Water Bottle or the 16 oz. Oasis Jr. Water Bottleare available for the budget conscious.  For those wanting Polycarbonate Bottles with the budget for them, try the 28 oz. Polycarbonate Alternative Bottle.  It offers all the benefits of the polycarbonate bottles at a fraction of the cost.  For those with the budget, Polycarbonate Bottles are king of water bottles with the durability, appealing designs, and the properties of being odorless and tasteless.  One of the popular polycarbonate bottles is the 13.5 oz. Small Oval Polycarbonate Bottle.  No matter what type of water bottles or sports bottles you choose, stay cool and drink plenty of liquid to stay hydrated (and not by liquid I don’t mean soft drinks and alcoholic beverages-they will actual dehydrate you).
32 oz. Oasis Water Bottle 16 oz. Oasis Jr. Water Bottle Polycarbonate Alternative Bottle Polycarbonate Bottles

Real Estate Woes Continue – Fight Back with Promotional Products


The U.S. Dept. of Commerce reported that the median sale price of homes for March 2008 was down 13.3% from the previous March.  The slow real estate market is not likely to rebound anytime soon with the state of the current economy, so smart marketing is key to success.  Promotional productsare extremely successful for promoting Realtors.  Here are some ideas for the real estate market:  Try a Stick Up Calendar in the shape of a House.  Your customer will keep this for a whole year.  House shaped magnets or Business Card Magnetsare always useful and will stay on your clients refrigerators for years.  Another calendar available for Realtors is the Real Estate Magnetic Business Card Calendar which features a punch out magnet with self-adhesive to create a business card magnet.  Choose from different full color cover designs.  Each month has home buyer and seller tips.  And, of course, every realtor needs Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs.  Having visible presence is necessary with the saturation of Realtors in the market.
House Stick Up Calendar House Shaped Magnet Business Card Magnets Yard Signs