A Drink a Day Does the Body Good


More and more research has been done regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the effects on the body.  It used to be that only a glass of red wine a day had heart healthy benefits.  Now, however, any alcoholic drink can be beneficial.  Recent studies have shown that 1 drink a day can actually relax blood vessels allowing for a lower blood pressure which allows your heart to not have to work so hard.  More drinks than that can actually have the opposite effect and cause your vessels to constrict raising your blood pressure which increases the work load on the heart.

So why not embrace the healthy benefits of alcoholic drinks with promotional products?  Everyone loves Koozies and people keep a good Koozie for years giving you multiple advertising exposures of your logo.  Or, perhaps Beer Buckets to keep beers ice cold on the table would better suit your business.  This allows a bar to sell 6-7 bottles of beer at a time and increase revenues and reduce workload of the staff.  Consider offering a beer bucket special for your customers.  For a more sophisticated approach, consider Wine Bottle Insulators to keep wine bottles chilled.  Choose from a Single Wine Bottle Insulator Koozie or a Double Wine Bottle Carrier.

Who is Your Targeted Audience?


What audience are you targeting with the promotional products that you buy?  You should think about this prior to buying promotional items.  In a subconscious way, most people do.  For example, you don’t buy imprinted pocket knives if you are targeting mothers of infants.  You would buy imprinted bibs or bottles of other baby-related items.  As simple as this philosophy sounds, many companies don’t consider the target audience when buying promo items for adults.  The bottom line is that all adults are not created equal.  Young adults have different desires than middle-aged adults and elderly adults.  So, I ask again, “What target audience are you trying to captivate?”  If you buy the wrong products, you may very likely be throwing money away.

One of the hardest age groups and often most desired age groups to target is the 18-34 range.  These individuals are in school and starting careers and working overtime, so traditional advertising methods are not always very effective with this age group.  Louisiana State University and University of Texas at San Antonio did a study measuring effectiveness of promotional products for this age group.

Promotional Products Everywhere


Everywhere I go I see various  promotional products.  This reminded me that marketing using promotional items is the lifeblood of any good business.  If you are not currently using promotional products to help promote and advertise your business, you are missing out on one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising.   Custom printed promotional products become especially important in lagging economies to keep your business from starving.

This weekend I took my family to the beach and we stayed in a hotel.  At the hotel, there were custom printed notepads and pens on the desk in the room as well as custom labeled bottled water.  There were of course the traditional hotel brand personalized soaps and shampoos in the bathroom.  As we made our way down to the beach, there were logo beach umbrellas and beach chairs and a custom feather flag by the jet ski rentals.  Later that evening, we went to eat at a nearby restaurant and there were personalized coloring books and crayons for the kids and frisbees that were used for plates for the kids meals.  On our way out of the restaurant, there were candies with custom printed labels.

Promo items are embedded into our society.  Customers of any business have come to expect them.  Any business without them is living in the past and should seriously consider making the investment.  I have always said that buying promotional products for your business is not an expense; it is an investment.  You will receive a return on your investment from choosing the right promotional items.