Trendy Tuesday – Full Color Mini Footballs

Trendy Tuesday - Full Color Custom Mini FootballsThe trend in the promotional products industry has certainly seen a shift from one color custom imprints to full color imprints. Since this is Trendy Tuesday, we want to stick with this great trend and show you options for full color mini footballs, since we are in heart of college and high school football season. Wouldn't it be great to show off your company logo in full color when these footballs go flying into the stadium crowd? Think about how much more of impact full color graphics make over one color graphics.

Full Color Promotional Mini Footballs

If your budget doesn't allow you to follow the full color trends, check out our other mini footballs, which offer a traditional and budget-friendly, one-color imprint.

Full Color Mini Football Features

  • Full color graphics will help you stand out over your competitors, one color logos.
  • Choose from either a 7" or 11" foam football or autograph/signature footballs
  • Soft footballs to prevent injury or damage.
  • Choose from solid or two-tone foam colors
  • Choose from several popular colors, including some new colors!
  • Produced in 7 working days.
  • 2-3 day rush production available.
  • Second side printing is available.

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Thrifty Thursday – Promotional Glow Sticks for Halloween

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Lip Balm

When it comes to safety  you can't put a price on it, especially when kids are involved. However, when you can promote safety for kids a low price AND promote your company at the same time, that's a win-win-win situation! With Halloween right around the corner, there will be trick or treating, Fall festivals, trunk or treating, Halloween parties, and other Halloween-related events such as haunted houses, haunted forests and corn mazes. These events are a perfect time to giveaway promotional glow sticks. These sticks will glow and help illuminate children (and adults) so they will be easier to see in the dark, promoting a safer environment. For this Thrifty Thursday, check out the premium glow sticks below.

4 inch Premium Promotional Glow Sticks 4" Premium Promotional Glow Sticks
6 inch Premium Promotional Glow Sticks 6" Premium Promotional Glow Sticks










Premium Glow Stick Features 

  • 1 week normal turnaround.
  • Rush production available as quickly as same day!
  • Choose from 9 popular colors.
  • Full wraparound imprint on labels
  • Priced on at only $0.94 and under
  • Choose 4" or 6" size
  • Only 200 piece minimum

Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

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Basketball Season Giveaways and Ideas


custom-basketballsCollege and high school basketball season is starting soon, so it’s time to plan your giveaways for the season, as well as products that you want to sell for fundraisers for your basketball team. Having a variety of basketball spirit items available for your fans is one of the best ways to get them involved and cheering for their team. Basketball is a very exciting sport and spirit items are a great way to channel that energy and help cheer on your team. Below are a few of the most popular spirit items for both giveaways and to sell in your booster club.

Basketball Giveaway Ideas

  1. Mini Basketballs – These vinyl sports balls are the best-selling spirit items during the basketball season. It is very common for teams to sell sponsorships to local businesses and have their logo printed on the vinyl mini basketballs. During the game, cheerleaders throw the ball into the crowd, often after big lead changes, during timeouts, or during halftime.
  2. Thundersticks – Basketball fans love to make noise and that’s why these noisemakers are so popular for basketball teams. These inexpensive, inflatable noisemakers are great fundraisers because of their low price point. These spirit items can also be printed with business sponsor information to offset the cost for your team and allow the sales of these items to generate 100% profit or more!
  3. Basketballs with Autograph Panels – Does your school have past players that have made a career with the NBA? If you can get them to come to a school game, you can hold an autograph signing session with that player and sell these basketballs for a signature from the professional basketball player. These autograph signings can generate a lot of money for your team for new equipment, uniforms, and to help offset travel expenses.
  4. Basketball Schedule Magnets – Custom magnets with your game schedule are great giveaways for your team to encourage increased attendance. The typical place these are used is on the refrigerator, which ensures that your fans will see the schedule every day. These are printed with your school name, mascot, and date/time of all of your games.
  5. Full Size Basketballs – These are excellent for selling for fundraising, as well as to give out to participants in basketball training camps. You can even go with a Wilson brand basketball. These promos will be used and enjoyed for years.
  6. Basketball Yard Signs – Let your fans and players show their support by proudly displaying a yard sign in front of their home or business. These signs are great for fundraising. Choose from several die-cut signs that can be printed with your team name and mascot.

If your business is looking for basketball giveaways, check out other ideas here. It is a great idea to use the excitement from Basketball season to promote your business by giving away basketball-related promotional items. Be sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Trendy Tuesday Meal2Go Lunch Containers

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Lunch ContainersThis hot, new promotional lunch container is a great pick for this Trendy Tuesday. Everyone loves to eat, right? That's why this is a great giveaway, particular for office workers or employees who are on the go a lot. This insulated container keeps food either hot or cold for hours and they include a folding fork and spoon, which is stored inside the lid.

Meal2Go Promotional Lunch Containers

Be sure and check out some of our stylish Lunch Totes.

Meal2Go Lunch Container Features

  • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on front of containers
  • Choose from 4 popular colors
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Large 4" W x 2" H imprint area for your logo
  • Has internal divider to store 2 different foods
  • Fast 7 day normal production
  • Keeps your food either hot or cold
  • Includes a fork and spoon that is conveniently stored inside the lid

Trending Promotional Items - Wine Tumblers

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12 Ways to Promote Your New Website

Promoting Your New Website DesignA great website for your business is critical for success. The first thing many people do before buying products or services from a company is visit their website and learn more about that company. Does the company look reputable? How are the reviews? How long has the company been in business? What other products or services does the company offer? What is the pricing? These are some of the common questions that consumers want to know. Hopefully your great, new website has the answers to the questions that your consumers want to know.

Your website may be amazing. It may be the best in your region or the best in your industry. However, if your customers and potential customers don't know about it, the website is useless. If you are not getting adequate traffic to the site, what good is doing for your company? Promoting your site is critical. Below are a few ways to spread the word about your new site, including many FREE and CHEAP methods that are often neglected.

Ways to Promote Your Website

  1. Include a link to your website in your signature for all outgoing emails and some kind of enticing statement, such as, "Visit to find the best deal on promotional products" or "Check out our blog at to learn about marketing tips to increase your company sales."
  2. Make sure your website is printed on your business cards. Give an incentive to visit the site, such as promoting a Deal of the Week or a money-saving coupon for visiting your website.
  3. Revise your company stationary to include your website address.
  4. Push clients toward your website whenever you are talking to them. Make sure your website has answers to frequently asked questions that you are commonly asked. After all, you have to have to content on the site before you can direct customers to it.
  5. If your business has printed brochures, make sure your website is prominently displayed on them.
  6. Show your expertise about your products and services by writing regular blog posts. People want to do business with "experts," so show off your knowledge. Don't be afraid to share tips and tricks that your audience can do themselves. For instance, if you are a realtor, share ways that your clients can increase the selling value of their homes. If you own a computer repair business, share tips about how to prevent viruses and malware or ways to speed up a computer by keeping temporary files cleaned. Sometimes, at first, it may seem that you are taking away new business by teaching your clients and potential clients about tasks that you may charge to do on a normal basis, but in the end, your clients will see you as an expert and feel more comfortable with you doing the work, because you are the "expert."
  7. Using popular social media accounts, create regular posts that are interesting, engaging, informational, or educational to your clientele. The more compelling content that you post, the better chances your site will show up in the search engines.
  8. Participate in your local community networking events such as Chamber of Commerce functions. Make it a point to always mingle with new people and introduce your business. Don' get stuck in the rut of hanging with the same people at these events. However, make sure you focus on the business of those you meet and don't "oversell" your business. Of course, leave behind business cards and brochures about your business.
  9. Do postcard mailings in your local area. Let the recipients know about your new sites and the new features. The EDDM program with the USPS is very reasonably priced and can be very effective if the postcard design is laid out properly.
  10. Tell people that you know about your new site. Word of mouth is powerful and many business owners fail to adequately promote their site with those they know.
  11. Send out a nicely design email newsletter to your existing customers and your prospects with a link to your new site.
  12. Print your website url on all promotional products. It is very effective to play on current themes or holidays when promoting your business. Below are some specific ideas for low cost items as well as a few premium items for your top clients and prospects:
  • Have mini footballs printed and donate them to your local schools for the cheerleader to throw into the crowd at the football games. Promote a coupon or something FREE if they visit your site and perform a certain task.
  • Give out personalized Halloween bags each October to your customers. If they have young kids, they need trick or treat bags, so why not give them bags with your company logo and website printed on them?
  • Think about giving out custom Christmas ornaments each December to your customers. Change up the style, color, or saying each year so they can create a collection.
  • Promote various awareness campaigns that are related to your business. Campaigns such as Fire Prevention Week or Breast Cancer Awareness Month are great ways to promote a good cause while promoting your business at the same time.
  • Know your customers and give out promos that are relevant to their likes and needs. For example, if a large portion of your customer base are business executives, give out premium pens, portfolios, or laptop cases that are, of course, branded with your company logo. The idea is too giveaway items that will be used on a regular basis so they will keep your company at the top of their mind.
  • Get custom matchbooks and give them out to bars with your business name, contact info, and website. This idea works great for attorneys and bail bondsman businesses.
  • Give out custom tokens with your website address to visit to print a coupon for a discount or free item.

To promote either a new url or a site redesign, it is extremely important to let people not only just know about the new site, but to also let them know why they should visit the site. There are billions of sites on the web, so why do they need to visit your site? For additional help with promoting your existing website, SEO services, or website design, contact us for expert help.

Holiday Shipping Schedule for UPS

UPS 2014 Shipping Holiday SchuduleThe last quarter of the year is chock-full with holidays, and some of them can cause delays when ordering products and having them shipped to you.

This is certainly true for promotional products distributors. At Perfect Imprints, we deal with hundreds of factories all over the country on a daily basis and the holiday shipping schedule from UPS becomes critical to meet event dates. We are committed to making sure that you receive your items on time for your event date. Therefore, we do pay close attention to these UPS holidays and the shipping delays that they will cause. These holidays. The holidays that UPS is closed are listed below. It is important to realized that you may need to expedite the shipping method of your promotional items ordered in order to receive them by your in hands dates. Depending on the product that you choose, there may be other less expensive options, such as rush production instead of expedited shipping. On occasion, you may need BOTH rush production and expedited shipping to meet your date.

A few important notations in the schedule charts below:

  • UPS will offer normal pickup and delivery on the day after Thanksgiving - new for 2014.
  • UPS will be offering Air Deliveries Only on the day after Christmas and on New Year's Eve. That means no UPS Ground or UPS Standard shipments will deliver on these two days.
  • UPS will offer UPS Ground pickup service on December 26.


UPS Does NOT Ship on These Holidays (Plan for Delays)

Holiday  Date
 Thanksgiving  November 27, 2014
 Christmas  December 25, 2014
 Day After Christmas*  December 26, 2014
 New Year's Eve**  December 31, 2014
 New Year's Day  January 1, 2015

* Air Deliveries Only, Ground Pickup is Available, but no Ground deliveries.
** Air Deliveries Only. Next Day and 2 Day Pickups Only, No 3 Day Select or Ground Pickup.

UPS DOES Ship on These Holidays (Normal Delivery)

Holiday  Date
 Columbus Day  October 13, 2014
 Halloween  October 31, 2014
 Veteran's Day  November 11, 2014
 Hannukah  December 16, 2014
 Christmas Eve  December 24, 2014
 New Year's Eve**  December 25, 2014

** Air Deliveries Only. Next Day and 2 Day Pickups Only, No 3 Day Select or Ground Pickup.

Recap of New Designs for Halloween Bags 2014

October is here and Halloween is near. This extremely popular celebration encourages millions of kids around the country to go trick or treating around their local neighborhoods. This time is a huge opportunity to promote your business while giving your clients items that their kids must have to go trick or treating. That would be Halloween bags to collect their candy. The problem that Perfect Imprints saw was that really cool Halloween bag designs that could be customized with your business logo were almost non-existent within the promotional products industry. That's why we developed our own line of new and exclusive, full color designs for trick or treat bags. One of the great thing about these bags is that they can be completely customized to fit your business. For example, if you need customization such as colors changed or elements of the design added and/or removed to better fit your business, we can do it! Check out all of our newest trick or treat bag designs below for 2014.

New Trick or Treat Bag Designs for 2014

witches-brew-w-safety-tips WITCHES BREW HALLOWEEN BAG
witch-cauldron-halloween-bag Witch with Cauldron Halloween Bag
mummy-halloween-trick-treat-bags-with-safety-tips Friendly Mummy Trick or Treat Bag
movie-monster-vintage-halloween-bags Vintage Movie Monsters Treat Bag
full-color-trick-treat-bags-werewolf Werewolf Trick or Treat Bag
full-color-halloween-bags-haunted-house Haunted House Halloween Bag
friendly-ghost-halloween-bags Friendly Ghost Halloween Bag
3-eyes-halloween-trick-treat-bags Staring Eyes Halloween Bag