Thrifty Thursday – Compact Flying Disc

Thrifty Thursday - Custom Flying Discs

Promotional Compact Flying Discs

Today on Thrifty Thursday we're featuring the classic "frisbee" toy. These flying discs have a wide variety of uses, besides just throwing them around. One example of a great use is serving menu items for children at your event or restaurant, as these flying discs are safe for food contact (Approved by the FDA for food contact and complies with CPSIA).

Thrifty Thursday - Compact Flying Disc Thrifty Thursday - Compact Flying Disc

Compact Flying Disc Features

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Break Away From The Regular

Regular is Boring - Don't be ReuglarRegular is comfortable. Regular is the same thing we have done for years. It is often the same (or very similar) thing those who did our job before us did.

Regular is buying koozies or pens for every single promotional products purchase. Regular is continuing to spend marketing money on that newspaper ad that hasn't brought in a dime of sales. Regular is not sharing your expertise through writing on your blog, because you have never written a blog before.

Regular is Boring

Forget regular. Regular doesn't get you noticed. Regular doesn't make you memorable. Instead, be irregular. Instead of koozies, give out promotional cutting boards or martini glasses. Give something that is completely different than your competitors give away. If you need help, talk to your promotional products expert.

Show Your Expertise

Start that blog you have thought about writing for years, before your head explodes with the wealth of knowledge you have learned from doing your job. Show your customers that you know what you are the go-to person for the items you sell. Establish your expertise, one post at a time. Your business will flourish as a result of it.

It's Time to Re-Evaluate Your Marketing

If you can't track how much revenue your marketing is creating, it is time to evaluate its effectiveness. If you spend a lot on print ads, you must know whether it is working or not. The same holds true for digital advertising. If you are spending hundreds or thousands per month on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, retargeting, or online directories, are they generating sales?

All of your marketing campaigns should be measurable. Each one should have a specific objective that is measurable. Your goal of a PPC ad is likely to generate an online purchase or generate a new lead. Your goal of a newspaper ad may be to generate a phone call from retired couples. Your goal of giving away a promotional item to clients is to generate a smile and to increase loyalty to your company.

Another goal may be to get noticed from the direct mailing of a promotional item to a prospect to get noticed so you have a better chance of booking an appointment. It's time to be creative and strategic with your marketing.

Evolution is Necessary

Either your company marketing has to evolve or you go extinct. No longer can you successfully market to the masses and expect good results. Consumers are overloaded with media more than ever. Aside from the dinosaur advertising that has been around for years, such as radio ads, television ads, newspaper ads, there are ads on social media, websites, direct mail, telemarketers, and even ads plastered on the bathroom walls in front of the urinal.

You have to break through this clutter and directly reach your intended targets. You have to reach your prospects in their preferred form of media. That may be email or it may be through Twitter or Instagram. It may be a strategic mailing to highly targeted list. It likely means that you have to break out of your comfort zone and try out something new!

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Trendy Tuesday – Coffee Lovers Kit

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Coffee Gift Box with Tumbler, K-cup Coffee pods, and mints.

Today's Trendy Tuesday Product is this great Coffee Lovers Kit. These are perfect Thank You gifts for your top clients or prospects. This featured coffee gift box includes a stainless steel tumbler, K-Cup compatible coffee pods, and mint tins. All of the items are printed with your full color design. Even the gift box includes a full color decal!

Trendy  Tuesday - Coffee Lovers Kit

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Do You Have Street Cred?

Do you have street cred?I frequently attend seminars and continuing education sessions to stay current with marketing trends, new products/services, and to further my expertise in marketing.

I often come across incredible speakers who know their topic and have experience in the topic of discussion. They have street cred! They have been in the trenches. They have done the dirty work and built a great business. They have useful nuggets of information to share!

Other times, I hear speakers who are not so impressive. While to a newbie, they may seem to know their stuff, it is evident to a veteran that they don't grasp the topic when relating it to real-world application.

Regardless of your industry, if you attend a seminar, you expect that speaker to have the "right" credentials to be speaking to you. It is highly disappointing and a colossal waste of time for both the attendees and speaker if the speaker has not bee proven to be an expert in your field.

If you were to speak on a topic TODAY, what would be your topic? What area do you have street cred? What area do you know front to back and side to side? Hopefully, it will be area of business that you focus your company or your selling.

If you don't have the experience and knowledge, don't pretend that you do. Learn from experts around you. Do your research. Practice. Perfect it. And soon, you will become an expert, too!

Patrick Black has been in the promotional products industry since 1999. He is the CEO and President of Perfect Imprints, which serves clients nationwide in the field of creative marketing.

Thrifty Thursday – Baseball Stress Relievers

Thrifty Thursday - Custom Logo Baseball Shaped Stress Relievers

Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls

With the start of the Major League Baseball season just on the cusp and high school and college baseball already under way, we figured we would feature these low-priced baseball stress balls for Thrifty Thursday. These are fun toys to toss around at each other or to squeeze away the stress of your day. These can be printed with your team mascot and name or they can be printed with company sponsor logos to throw out to the fans!

Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls for Thrifty Thursday

Baseball Stress Ball Features

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Is Your Company Utilizing the Talents of Your Employees?

Take advantage of employee talents and don't restrict them to a rigid job descriptionChances are your job has a "job description" with set responsibilities that were created BEFORE you were even hired. It's true that every effort is typically made to hire the best candidate for a given job; however, best isn't always a good fit.

Maybe you have personally written the job descriptions for your employees. Often times, these descriptions are very limiting and don't take advantage of the individual talents of your employees. The job descriptions can restrict your company from best utilizing the talents of your employees and actually restrict the company growth.

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Trendy Tuesday – Mason Jar Mugs with Straw

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Over the Ear Headphones

Today's Trendy Tuesday Product are these ever more popular Mason Jar Mugs. These 24 oz. mugs feature a comfy handle as well as a colorful base and a matching straw. The mug has a "sipper style" for hot drinks or a straw for cold drinks. Since the jar is double insulated, it keeps your cold liquids cold and your hot liquids hot.

Mason Jar Mug with Straw Mason Jar Mug with Straw

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