Trendy Tuesday – Promotional Lunch Coolers

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Wine Glass TumblersTrendy Tuesday for this week brings some promotional items that are related to something we all love to do and that is eating! These trendy lunch coolers have fun designs that your clients will love. Promotional lunch coolers don't have to be boring. In addition to the great look of these the lunch bags, the price has also gotten even lower!

Promotional Lunch Coolers with Trendy Patterns

Be sure and check out our other lunch coolers.

Trendy Lunch Bag Features

  • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on front of lunch coolers
  • Choose from 4 great patterns and 4 solid colors
  • Made of durable 210D polyester with a PEVA lining
  • Large 5" W x 2.5" H imprint area for your logo
  • Option for full color logo imprint
  • Fast 7 day normal production
  • Up to 24 hour production available
  • Zippered closure
  • Front slip pocket
  • 7" handle
  • Insulated to keep your lunch cold or hot
  • Exclusive patterns only available here

Trending Promotional Items - Wine Tumblers

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New Ghost Trick or Treat Bag Design for Halloween

We have released another exclusive design for Halloween bags. This ghost trick or treat bag features a friendly ghost "trying" to scare you. It says Happy Halloween at the bottom of the bag and offers an area at the very bottom for your custom imprint. Also included on these bags are safety tips for trick or treaters.

Friendly Ghost Personalized Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Friendly Ghost Trick or Treat Bag - Exclusive Design!

These are great to use to promote your business during the month of October. You can give out these personalized trick or treat bags to each of the customers that come through your store. You can also mail them out to those on your mailing list. The great thing about giving out Halloween bags each year is that your customers will come to expect it. That's not a bad thing because that means that they remember you and keep your business at the top of their mind each October. Now, the question is, "What can you do to make sure your business is at the top of the mind for the other 11 months?" We can also help you with that.

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Thrifty Thursday – Promotional Lip Balm

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Lip Balm

With then end of summer officially past, Fall is in the air. Temperatures are finally cooler and the air even smells of the Fall season. Though with cooler temperatures, your lips need a bit more attention and that's why we are featuring our promotional lip balm for this Thrifty Thursday. This USA-Made chapstick is being offering at a ridiculous price that even small businesses can afford. At only 250 quantity, the pricing starts at $0.59 and gets cheaper when you buy higher quantities. You don't want to miss out on this amazing deal to promote your business!

Cheap Promotional Lip Balm

Lip balm is a needed item to keep lips from peeling, cracking and getting dry, so why not supply these inexpensive items to your clients so they will be reminded of your company every time they use their chapstick, multiple times a day? Check out of the lip balm flavors by clicking the above image!

Thrifty Thursday Lip Balm Features 

  • 2 week normal turnaround.
  • Rush production available as quickly as 2 hours to ship the same day!
  • 15 great flavors to choose
  • Full color imprint on the label
  • Priced on at $0.59 and under
  • Only 250 piece minimum
  • Made in the USA!
  • FDA Approved
  • Safety seals on caps
  • Upgrades available, such as SPF 15 and Beeswax formula

Suggested Thrifty Thursday Matchbook Options

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BamBams Thundersticks for Basketball Season

College basketball starts in late November and many high school basketball seasons begin in early November, so it's time to order your thundersticks early to save money and make sure you receive them in time for the start of your season. These ever-popular stadium noisemakers go by many different names, includes thunderstix, BamBams, and just the plain English spelling "thundersticks." However, they are all very similar and essentially the same (except for our domestically printed thundersticks, which are reusable). There are; however, many different styles to choose from as shown below.

Also, production time can vary depending on which ones you choose. The longer production time...the cheaper the price. So plan ahead and order early to get more "bang" for your buck!

Types of Thundersticks

Thundersticks printed in the USA

Reusable Thundersticks

These are printed in the USA, so they can typically be produced in about 1 week. Also, a 48 hour rush is available for these top-selling thundersticks. If you need them quickly, this is your best option.

Choose from 8 different colors. These have a valve similar to a beach ball or a pool raft for easy inflation and deflation. They can be used game after game all season. There is only a 100 pair minimum, so these are great options for selling in your school booster club to raise money for your team or your organization.


Traditional BamBams

Traditional BamBams

These are the traditional BamBams with no frills. If you are looking for a loud noisemaker with a low price point, these is your best choice. These start off white and can be printed any custom color that you want. Only 100 pair minimum order. Depending on your time frame and budget, choose from 3 different production speeds and save yourself a little money if you can order early!

9 Week Traditional BamBams  5 Week Traditional BamBams  3 Week Traditional BamBams

LED Light-Up BamBams

Light-Up BamBams

These noisemakers are great for indoor stadiums with a planned black-out time during a game. They are also great for the fan sections of your arena that are fairly dark. These have LED bulbs that illuminate the thundersticks to create a fun spirit item for your team. These light up options are great to really make your logo stand out for additional recognition.

9 Week Light-Up BamBams  5 Week Light-Up BamBams  3 Week Light-Up BamBams


Blank BamBams - Fast Ship

Blank Stock BamBams

Sometimes your team may schedule a last minute tournament or make it to an unexpected championship game and you need thundersticks quickly. That's why we offer these solid color, blank BamBams in 11 popular school colors that are available to ship as quickly as the same day they are ordered. These are also great for political and protest rallies.

When you need them fast, these blank BamBams are the option for you!


Metallic BamBamsMetallic BamBams

When you are buying the most popular stadium noisemaker, thundersticks, it's important to sometimes stand out and be different. These BamBams are made with a metallic silver or metallic gold material that will make your logo really shine! If you love bold, you'll love these metallic options.

Choose from these 3 production schedules.

9 Week Metallic BamBams  5 Week Metallic BamBams  3 Week Metallic BamBams

PomBams - Thundersticks with Pom StreamersPomBams

These are unique and different because they combine 2 popular spirit items together into one product. These PomBams are still great noisemakers that are loud when banged together with the added benefit and pom streamers at the end that can be used a cheering stick. The metallic silver pom streamers draw even more attention to these noisemakers and ultimately your printed logo! Cheerleaders aren't the only ones who can use pom poms.

9 Week PomBams   5 Week PomBams   3 Week PomBams

Full Color BamBams ThundersticksFull Color BamBams

Do you have a colorful logo? If so, you need a full color option to fully show it off. These BamBams offer an all-over, full color imprint, so your design potential is unlimited. This print quality allows for photographs and very detailed images to be printed on your thundersticks. This option does have a 1000 pair minimum. Choose from these 3 different production times. Save money with longer production times!

9 Week Full Color BamBams  5 Week Full Color BamBams  3 Week Full Color BamBams

BabyBams - Smaller Sized BamBams Thundersticks


These are just shorter versions of the traditional BamBams noisemakers. The normal sized BamBams are 23.5 inches long and the BabyBams are only 18 inches long. These mini size thundersticks are great for smaller indoor spaces. They may be small, but they still pack a powerful noise when hit together. Choose your production time.

9 Week BabyBams   5 Week BabyBams   3 Week BabyBams


BannerBams - Combination of a banner and thundersticks


It's a great thing when you can combine two popular stadium spirit items into one product. Thundersticks and banners are both very popular fan favorites that you see at the stadium. The BannerBams combine both of these items into the ultimate cheering item. These are great for televised game to support your team.

9 Week BannerBams   5 Week BannerBams   3 Week BannerBams


Jumbo BamBams

Jumbo BamBams

You often hear that bigger is better and that's exactly why these jumbo BamBams are so great. They are 50% bigger than the traditional BamBams. While you can bang them together to make noise, they work best as cheering sticks since they are so long. They measure 32 inches in length and they are sure to get your logo that extra BIG attention that it needs! There is a huge area for your custom printed message that you want to get across to the fans!

9 Week Jumbo BamBams  5 Week Jumbo BamBams  3 Week Jumbo BamBams

budget-bambams-noisemakersBudget BamBams

Let's face it...Sometimes you have to follow a strict budget. If that is you right now, then you'll want to check out these budget-priced BamBams thundersticks. They are the same size as the traditional noisemakers; however, the material is 1 mil thinner (2 mil rather than 3 mil thickness).

9 Week Budget BamBams  5 Week Budget BamBams  3 Week Budget BamBams

With basketball season a few short months away, it's time to order your thundersticks now so you can take advantage of the lower priced, extended production time. If you have any questions about our thundersticks/BamBams, please feel free to contact us!

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New Galvanized Metal Beer Buckets

Galvanized Metal Beer BucketsOne of our top sellers over the past several years has been our plastic beer buckets. During this time, we have had numerous requests for galvanized metal beer buckets. We listened and we have added one of the most extensive lines of galvanized buckets in the promotional products industry. We have buckets as small as 55 ounces to hold one bottle of beer plus ice, all the way up to large 68 quart galvanized metal tubs that hold 48 bottles of beer with ice. These metal buckets are great for bars who want to offer drink specials and sell multiple beers at one time. The galvanized tubs are great for festivals who have beer and drink booths. These buckets and tubs are a great way to reinforce your brand by displaying your logo to your patrons. The best-selling sized galvanized bucket is the 5 Quart size, which holds 5-6 bottles of beer plus ice. This is a great option for most bars that want to offer a 6-pack special. By selling beers by the bucket, it reduces the time that your waiters and waitresses spend waiting on customers, allowing them to provide better service to your patrons. Additionally, it increases sales since more beers are sold.

Our new line of beer buckets are sturdy, priced right, and come with your logo printed in full color on the side of the buckets. They can be used over and over again, so your branded invested goes a long way. Below a few of the features of our galvanized buckets are listed.

Features of Galvanized Buckets

  • 11 sizes from which to choose
  • Full color logo printed on side of bucket
  • Made of thick, 30 gauge, commercial-grade steel
  • Will not rust
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Will not absorb odor
  • Made in the USA!
  • Sealed seams to prevent leaking
  • Sturdy handles
  • Deep swedging to provide superior strength
  • Metal is recyclable
  • Only 25 piece minimum order
  • Only 2-3 week production time
  • All over, full color decorating available for orders of 2500 buckets or more

Other Uses for Galvanized Buckets

  • Centerpiece decorations at weddings and parties
  • Containers to fill and use for gift baskets for giveaways and door prizes
  • Flower pots
  • POP displays
  • Ice holders for events that need ice for drinks
  • Wine chillers
  • Garbage cans
  • Produce holders for farmers markets
  • Cleaning bucket to hold mop water

Check out these great Galvanized Buckets

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Trendy Tuesday – Stylish Promotional Umbrellas

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Wine Glass TumblersThis Trendy Tuesday represents the first day of Fall. As the temperatures begin to cool off, many areas get a bit more rain, which is why we want to introduce the trendy new umbrellas with stylish prints. These 6 new prints will certainly cause your logo to stand out when these umbrellas are being used.

Also, be sure and check out some of the trendy drawstring bags with coordinating patterns!

Expressions Auto Open Umbrella

Trendy Promotional Umbrellas

Expressions Umbrella Features

  • Includes 1 color custom logo imprint on front of bags
  • Choose from 6 great patterns and color combinations
  • Auto-open feature
  • Folds to just 15" for easy storage
  • Large 9" W x 6" H imprint area for your logo
  • Option for full color logo imprint
  • Fast 7 day normal production
  • Up to 24 hour production available
  • Optional matching drawstring bags available
  • Only 25 piece minimum order
  • Exclusive patterns only available here

Trending Promotional Items - Wine Tumblers

Totes Brand Stylish Auto Open Promotional Umbrella Totes Brand Auto Open 43" Umbrella
Totes Brand Umbrella - Animal Print Patterns Animal Print Pattern Totes 35" Umbrella
Eco-Friendly Totes Brand 44" Umbrellas Totes Brand 44" Eco 'Brella
Promotional Umbrellas with 44" Arc 44" Barrister Auto Open Umbrellas







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Promos That Will Surely Hook Them


Whenever you give away promotional items, your goal is to promote your company in some form or fashion. It may be a first-time introduction to  your company or it may be a thank you gift that reinforces your relationship with a client. Either way, you want to hook them so that anytime they need the products or services that you sell, they think of you.

If a large part of your clientele are fishermen, these promotional fishing lures will certainly hook them on your company, but hopefully, they will also hook some big catches for them. Personalized fishing lures with your company logo are excellent giveaways for your customers who love to fish.

Ideal Businesses to Giveaway Branded Fishing Lures

  • Outdoorsman Retail Shops
  • Fishing and Tackle Stores
  • Bait Shops
  • Fishing Charter Boats
  • Fishing Piers
  • Stores that Sell Fishing Apparel
  • Boat Dealerships
  • Campsites with a lake for fishing

However, your business does not have to sell fishing supplies or services for these personalized fishing lures to be a great fit for your company. If your clientele are made up of people who like to fish, then these are a great choice!

Fishing Tackle Box with Lure Fishing Tackle Box with Lure
Rattlin' Rapala Fishing Lure Rattlin' Rapala Fishing Lure - 3 1/8"
Flash Spoon Fishing Lure - 2 1/4" Flash Spoon Fishing Lure - 2 1/4"








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