Trendy Tuesday – It’s All About That Base

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

It's all about that base on this Trendy Tuesday. Digital music is hotter than ever and growing in popularity each day. Most of us now have an arsenal of music right at our fingertips with our smartphone or tablet. These Bluetooth 3.0 speakers feature a great sound that is sure to blow you away. Promotional Bluetooth speakers are hot commodities and make excellent company gifts.

Trendy Tuesday - It's All About That Base - Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

Metal Brick Bluetooh Speaker Features

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I paid WHAT for a Starbucks Coffee?

Marketing Like Starbucks CoffeeA couple of nights ago, my wife, Jennifer, and I were on a date at our local Starbucks. We often go there to relax, have a great cup of coffee, and talk about life. We talk about raising our kids. We talk about our marriage. We talk about the typical issues that are occurring, such as the leak in our roof that we can't seem to fix or the new limp our dog is experiencing...typical stuff. We also talk about our business plan and revise it on a weekly basis.

As a matter of fact, most of our business planning takes place over a strong cup of Joe. On our last visit, an interesting occurrence made me realize how well Starbucks has done with their marketing.

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There’s no such thing as Children’s Food

No such thing as Food for ChildrenWhen you think of food for children, what foods come to mind? Aside from foods specifically for infants, here are just a few of the top foods that come to mind for me.

  • Pop-Tarts
  • Popsicles
  • Fruit Chew Snacks
  • Sugary Cereals such as Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.
  • Moon Pies

Personally, I don't refer to these as foods; I refer to them as JUNK.

Sure, some adults do eat these snacks (junk food); however, these are mostly targeted for kids. There's nothing about these foods that make them "kids" food. Kids aren't some type of subspecies that require food that is different than adults.

So why do we automatically think foods such as these are for children?

It's called marketing.

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Trendy Tuesday – Promotional Earbuds

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Earbuds

Trendy Tuesday is all about hot and trending promotional products. These promotional earbuds are certainly a hot item and they make great giveaways for your music loving clients. They are priced low enough to give out in mass. We really love these earbuds because your logo is printed on the actual product and not on the case, so your logo will be seen by more people. With the 2 different popular color accents, these will be a big hit!

Promotional Earbuds for Trendy Tuesday

Retractable Earbud Features

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New Year for a New Website

Frequent Website UpdatesWith the stellar growth of online sales and research, a modern website that is frequently updated is vital to stay competitive. Even if your company isn't in the ecommerce realm, a great website is a must.

Visitors to your site will assume the worthiness of your company vs. other similar companies by the look of your website.

Maybe your site just needs some freshening up or maybe it needs to be completely redesigned to fit your current company goals.

Here are a few vital areas to look at with your website:

  • Is your contact info correct? Email address, phone number, address?
  • Do you have a contact form that is easy for your visitors to find and use?
  • Are all of your services and product lines listed on your site?
  • Do you have concise descriptions of your products and services?
  • Do you have an FAQ page to help visitors answer those common questions?
  • Is your color scheme still accurate for your current branding?
  • If you have pricing listed online, is it accurate?
  • Are your staff listings and photos up to date?
  • Is your logo consistent with all of your other marketing products?
  • Are you maintaining a blog? Regular blog postings are vital for online success, plus they are great to keep your customers informed.
  • Are you tooting  your own horn? Has your company won awards? Are you a member of professional organizations? Do you have employees that need to be recognized for achievements? If so, let your visitors know!
  • Are you leading visitors to your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+?
  • Have you posted your company polices for potential customers to read?
  • Does your website have 404 errors (bad links)?

All of these areas should be updated as often as necessary, However, if you are like most small business owners, your website rarely gets updated. As we start the beginning of this year, take the time to make those updates and give your customers a better online experience. If you want to scratch your current website and start over, Perfect Imprints can create an amazing web design for your business or organization.

10 Great Promos for March Madness

Certainly the most exciting time of college basketball is March Madness. Sure, there are many exciting league games against rivals and high ranking teams, but all this excitement festers and builds up to even more excitement when its time for the NCAA selection for the tournament.

68 teams will make the initial cut to determine the NCAA National Champion.

Surrounding all of this excitement are many opportunities for businesses to piggyback on this excitement with events, contests, promotions, and sales. Sports bars can use the big games to draw in crowds. Below we have listed the top 10 giveaways for March Madness for schools and many of them are great for businesses to use to promote their events.

Top 10 March Madness Giveaways

Mini Basketballs

Mini Basketballs

These are certainly the top giveaway at basketball games and events. Mini basketballs are fun to throw around with friends or to throw at friends. Add a mini hoop and you have hours of entertainment. You can choose from the soft, vinyl balls, foam balls, or even plastic basketballs that can be printed with your team mascot or your company logo.

Foam Fingers for March MadnessFoam Fingers

Foam fingers have certainly become popular over the past few years. You can get so many shapes of foam hands other than just the #1 finger now. Other popular hand gestures such as 3-finger, victory, thumbs up, okay hand, and many more are available. Also, you can get shapes such as paws, claws, mascots, sports balls, and many more! These are great to keep the fans cheering.

Thundersticks for March MadnessThundersticks

If you want the most popular noisemakers for sports games, then thundersticks are your best choice. These inflatable cheering sticks are banged together to make a booming loud noise. Fans love to make noise and that's why these are the #1 fan favorites. Choose from several options such as the traditional sticks or go more elaborate with metallic, LED, mini, or ones with poms on the end.

Basketball Stress Ball Key ChainsBasketball Key Chains

These key chains are popular giveaways for basketball teams and events because they combine both a mini sized basketball stress ball and a split ring key chain. Also, their low cost makes this favorable for large scale giveaways. With your team mascot printed on the basketballs, everyone will know what team you support.

basketball-stress-balls-march-madnessBasketball Stress Balls

If you don't want the key chain part and want a larger basketball, these stress balls are always popular. They are great to keep around the office to squeeze on those stressful days. It's amazing how much stress you can relieve just by squeezing these for a few minutes. Their low price points make these great for any team or business. These are great for kids and adults.

Full Size Custom BasketballsFull Size Basketballs

If you are selling team merchandise, then full size basketballs are a must in your inventory of basketball spirit items. You can choose from either the autograph panel style balls for display or basketballs that your fans can actually use to play a game of BBall. You can also choose a brand name such as Wilson or go with a lower priced, off-brand option.

Basketball Player Bobble Heads with Photo InsertBobble Heads

These fun giveaways feature a basketball player with a photo insert for the face. You can choose from either a male or female player and a dark or light skinned player. These are a fun way to promote your team and allow your fans to be "honorary team players by personalizing these bobble heads with their own face."

Custom Pom Poms for March MadnessPom Poms

If you really want to get the fans cheering, pom poms are one of the traditional cheering items for sports games. These are low priced and you can get practically any team color with the many choices of streamer colors. Choose from the traditional rooter poms or go with other options such as handles shaped like your mascot, split ring handles, coupon handles, and more!

Basketball Shaped Drawstring BagsBasketball Drawstring Bags

These are great novelty bags that are shaped like a basketball with the benefit of a drawstring to keep your contents in the bag. The nylon material makes these durable for carrying team souvenirs from the game. These are great handouts to fans and can be stuffed with team info and literature form your business sponsors.

basketball-koozie-drink-insulatorBasketball Drink Holders

These novelty koozies are textured just like a basketball all the way down to the pebbled texture. There is a smooth area on the side for your logo or imprint. These are fun giveaways to sell at games or basketball events. These also great items to sell at your concession stands to keep canned drinks cold and allow for your fans to bring home a useful souvenir.

The products above represent only 10 of the top of March Madness giveaways. There are many more available if these aren't quite what you want. Because March Madness brings such excitement with fans, it's important to capitalize on that excitement with the right spirit items to give away to your fans and customers.

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Thrifty Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day Giveaways

Thrifty Thursday - Giveaways for St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day just a few months away, it's time to start thinking about how you can use this fun and popular holiday to promote your business. These shamrock shaped flashing strobe lights are our featured Thrifty Thursday product. Any business can celebrate the fun nature of St. Patrick's Day and host sales and events to increase sales. These LED strobes have a clip on the back that makes them great for those walking or running at night. They are also great to give out to your patrons at an Irish pub.

Shamrock Shaped LED Strobe Lights - Thrifty Thursday

Shamrock Strobe Features

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